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Title     Author     Year
All American Mafioso     Rappleye, Charles and Becker, Ed     1991
Captive City     Demaris, Ovid     1969
Contract on America: The Mafia Murders of John and Robert Kennedy     Scheim, David E.     1983
Double Cross     Giancana, Sam and Giancana, Chuck     1992
The Fall and Rise of Jimmy Hoffa     Sheridan, Walter     1972
The Green Felt Jungle     Reid, Ed and Demaris, Ovid     1963
The Kennedy Contract     Davis, John H.     1993
Lansky     Messick, Hank     1971
The Last Mafioso     Demaris, Ovid     1981
The Mafia Killed President Kennedy     Scheim, David E.     1988
Mafia Kingfish     Davis, John H.     1989
The Mafia, CIA & George Bush     Brewton, Pete     1992
Mob Lawyer     Ragano, Frank and Raab, Selwyn     1994
My Story     Exner, Judith, as told to Demaris, Ovid     1977
The Enemy Within     Kennedy, Robert F.     1960
The Hoffa Wars: Teamsters, Rebels, Politicians, and the Mob     Moldea, Dan E.     1978
The Tangled Web     Cain, Michael J.     2007 open book

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