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Title     Author     Year
A Look Over My Shoulder     Helms, Richard and Hood, William     2003
A Season of Inquiry     Johnson, Loch K.     1985
Act of Treason: The Role of J. Edgar Hoover in the Assassination of President Kennedy     North, Mark     1991
The American Intelligence Community     MacCloskey, Monro     1967
American Spy     Hunt, E. Howard     2007
The Armies of Ignorance     Corson, William R.     1977
Blond Ghost     Corn, David     1994
Bobby and J. Edgar     Hersh, Burton     2007
The Bureau     Sullivan, William C.     1979
Careers in Secret Operations     Phillips, David Atlee     1984
Challenging the Secret Government     OImsted, Kathryn     1996
Chatter     Keefe, Patrick Radden     2005
CIA     Freemantle, Brian     1983
The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence     Marchetti, Victor and Marks, John D.     1974
The CIA's Greatest Hits     Zepezauer, Mark     1994
Cocaine Politics     Scott, Peter Dale and Marshall, Jonathan     1991
COINTELPRO     Blackstock, Nelson     1975
The Cointelpro Papers     Churchill, Ward & Wall, Jim Vander     1990
Cold Warrior: James Jesus Angleton, The CIA's Master Spy Hunter     Mangold, Tom     1991
Conspiracy In Dallas: Case of Conspiracy with the CIA     Holz, Denice     1981
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