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Title     Author     Year
85 Days     Witcover, Jules     1969
A Search for Justice     Seigenthaler, John     1971
The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy     Christian, Jonn G. and Turner, William G.     1978
The Assassinations: Dallas and Beyond     Scott, P.D., Hoch P.L. and Stetler, R.     1976
The Assassinations: Probe Magazine on JFK, MLK, RFK, and Malcolm X     DiEugenio, James and Pease, Lisa, editors     2003
The Assassins' World     Paine, Lauran     1975
Bobby and J. Edgar     Hersh, Burton     2007
Brothers     Talbot, David     2007
Conspiracy: The Plot to Stop the Kennedys     Smith, Matthew     2005
Government By Gunplay     Blumenthal, Sid and Yazijian, Harvey     1976
The Kennedy Brothers     Mahoney, Richard D.     1999
Legacy of Secrecy: The Long Shadow of The JFK Assassination     Waldron, Lamar with Hartmann, Thom     2008 open book
R.F.K.     Schaap, Dick     1967
R.F.K. Must Die     Kaiser, Robert Blair     2008 open book
"R.F.K. Must Die!": A History of the Robert Kennedy Assassination and Its Aftermath     Kaiser, Robert Blair     1970
RFK. His Life and Death     Jacobs, Jay     1968
The Robert F. Kennedy Assassination     Melanson, Philip H.     1991
Robert Kennedy and His Times     Schlesinger, Arthur M. Jr.     1978
Robert Kennedy: His Life     Thomas, Evan     2000
The Senator Must Die     Morrow, Robert D.     1988
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