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Title     Author     Year
A Search for Justice     Seigenthaler, John     1971
An Act of State: The Execution of Martin Luther King     Pepper, William F.     2003
The Assassinations: Dallas and Beyond     Scott, P.D., Hoch P.L. and Stetler, R.     1976
The Assassinations: Probe Magazine on JFK, MLK, RFK, and Malcolm X     DiEugenio, James and Pease, Lisa, editors     2003
Carry Me Home     McWhorter, Diane     2001
Frame-Up     Weisberg, Harold     2013 open book
Government By Gunplay     Blumenthal, Sid and Yazijian, Harvey     1976
He Slew the Dreamer     Huie, William Bradford     1970
Killing the Dream     Posner, Gerald     1998
Legacy of Secrecy: The Long Shadow of The JFK Assassination     Waldron, Lamar with Hartmann, Thom     2008 open book
The Making of an Assassin     McMillan, George     1976
The Martin Luther King Assassination: New Revelations on the Conspiracy ...     Melanson, Dr. Philip H.     1991
Martin Luther King, Jr.: The FBI File     Friedly, Michael and Gallen, David     1993
Murder In Memphis     Lane, Mark and Gregory, Dick     1993
The Murkin Conspiracy     Melanson, Philip H.     1989
Orders To Kill     Pepper, William F.     1995
Parting The Waters: America in The King Years 1954-63     Branch, Taylor     1988
The 13th Juror     MLK The Truth LLC     2009
The Awful Grace of God     Wexler, Stuart and Hancock, Larry     2012
The Last Crusade     McKnight, Gerald D.     1998
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