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Excerpts from Ultimate Sacrifice: A New Take on the Murder of JFK     Hartmann, Thom and Waldron, Lamar     BuzzFlash
The Fathers' Day Gift of Cologne     Courtwright, Chris W.     Fair Play
Faulty Evidence: Problems With the Case Against Lee Harvey Oswald     Griffith, Michael T.     Tripod
Five Myths About the JFK Assassination     Griffith, Michael T.     JFK Assassination Web Page
Good-Bye To All That     Black, Dr. James R. and Proctor, Dr. Grover B. Jr.     The JFK Assassination
Greetings from Lee Harvey Oswald     Ecker, Ronald L.     Articles by Ronald L. Ecker
The Guns of Dallas     Prouty, L. Fletcher     ratical
The Guns of Dealey Plaza     Craig, John S.     Fair Play
Hell in Miami     Ecker, Ronald L.     Articles by Ronald L. Ecker
How the Failure to Identify, Prosecute and Convict President Kennedy's Assassins Has Led to Today's Crisis in Democracy     Mellen, Joan     Third World Traveler
INCA Dinka Do     Rose, Jerry D.     Electronic Assassinations Newsletter
It All Began so Beautifully     PBS     PBS
James Jesus Angleton and the Kennedy Assassination     Pease, Lisa     Probe
James Jesus Angleton and the Kennedy Assassination, Part II     Pease, Lisa     Probe
The JFK 100: One Hundred Errors of Fact and Judgment in Oliver Stone's "JFK"     Reitzes, Dave     JFK - Online
JFK and 9/11: Insights Gained from Studying Both     Scott, Peter Dale     Scoop
The JFK Assassination II: Conspiracy Phobia on the Left     Parenti, Michael     911 Blogger
The JFK Assassination: A False Mystery Concealing State Crimes     Salandria, Vincent J.     Fair Play
JFK Conspiracy: The Intellectual Dishonesty and Cowardice of Alexander Cockburn and Noam Chomsky     Worsham, Michael     The Touchstone
JFK: How the Media Assassinated the Real Story     Hennelly, Robert and Policoff, Jerry     Real History Archives
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