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Breakability: CE-399 and the Diminishing Velocity Theory     Hunt, John     History Matters
Bringing it All Together: The New Releases and How They Help Us Converge on the Heart of the Case     Scott, Peter Dale     Electronic Assassinations Newsletter
Bugliosi Fails to Resuscitate the Single-Bullet Theory     McKnight, Jerry     Mary Ferrell Foundation
Bugliosi, Bowles and the Open Mike     Scally, Chris     Mary Ferrell Foundation
Case Closed: Lee Harvey Oswald and the Assassination of JFK by Gerald Posner: A Preliminary Critique     Shackelford, Martin     Electronic Assassinations Newsletter
Case Distorted: Posner, Connick, and the New York Times     Davy, Bill     Probe
The Case for a Bunched Jacket     Hunt, John     The Kennedy Assassination Home Page
Castro and the Kennedy Assassination     Jon Elliston     ParaScope
CIA Files and the Pre-Assassination Framing of Lee Harvey Oswald     Scott, Peter Dale     Electronic Assassinations Newsletter
Classified until 2017?     Probe     Probe
Clay Shaw Grand Jury Files     JFK Lancer     JFK Lancer
Commentary on Dr. Ken Rahn's Work on the JFK Assassination Investigation     Grant, Patrick M.     Mary Ferrell Foundation
The Conclusions and Research of the House Select Committee on Assassinations: Whose Side Do They Support?     Griffith, Michael T.     JFK Assassination Web Page
Concocting the Dots     Latell, Brian     Washington Decoded
The Connick Scandal     Backes, Joseph     Fair Play
Connick vs. Garrison: Round Three     Probe     Probe
Context     McAdams, John     The Kennedy Assassination Home Page
Convenient Deaths     Schuster, Ralph     The John F. Kennedy Assassination Homepage
Corroborating Boswell     Harris, Robert     the JFK History Page
The Creation of the Warren Commission     Gibson, Donald     Probe
Critical Thinking and the Kennedy Assassination: A Reply to Ken Rahn's Article "Twenty Simple Truths About the JFK Assassination"     Griffith, Michael T.     JFK Assassination Web Page
Cuba and the Kennedy Assassination     Martino, John     Cuban Information Archives
Cuba in the Cross-Hairs: A Near Half-Century of Terror     Chomsky, Noam     Common Dreams
The Cuban Missile Tape Crisis: Just how helpful are the White House recordings?     Greenberg, David     Slate
Dallas Doings     Reitzes, Dave     JFK Online
David Ferrie: Presumed Guilty - Garrison's Villain and Hollywood's Clown     Reitzes, Dave     JFK Online
David Talbot's Brothers     Kelly, Bill     JFKCOUNTERCOUP
David Talbot's Reply to Bohning Review in Washington Decoded     Talbot, David     Mary Ferrell Foundation
"Davy Disappoints": A Rebuttal     Davy, Bill     Probe
Dead Spy's JFK Files Pose a Test for Obama's FOIA Order     Jefferson Morley     OEN
The Deadly Smirk and Other Inventions     Rose, Jerry D.     Electronic Assassinations Newsletter
Dealey Plaza     McAdams, John     The Kennedy Assassination Home Page
Death of the NAA Verdict     DiEugenio, James     Probe
Deaths of Witnesses     Spartacus Educational     Spartacus Educational
Debugging Bugliosi     Thomas, D.B.     Mary Ferrell Foundation
'Denied in Full': Federal Judges Grill CIA Lawyers on JFK Secrets     Morley, Jefferson     Huffington Post
The Dented Bullet Shell: Hard Evidence of Conspiracy in the JFK Assassination     Griffith, Michael T.     JFK Assassination Web Page
The Design of the Warren Report, to Fall to Pieces     Salandria, Vincent J.     Fair Play
The DFS & CIA in Mexico City     Scott, Peter Dale     Probe
Did He Know JFK to Die?     Wilkes, Donald E. Jr.     University of Georgia Law
Did Howard Leslie Brennan Really Attend an Identification Lineup?     Griggs, Ian     Fair Play
Did Mrs. Markham Identify Oswald as Tippit's Killer?     Griffith, Michael T.     JFK Assassination Forum
Did Oswald Shoot Tippit? A Review of Dale Myers' Book "With Malice: Lee Harvey Oswald and the Murder of Officer J.D. Tippit"     Griffith, Michael T.     JFK Assassination Web Page
Did Silvia Odio Lie?     Reitzes, Dave     Kennedy Assassination Home Page
Did the U.S. Military Plan a Nuclear First Strike for 1963?     Galbraith, James K. and Purcell, Heather A.     Mary Ferrell Foundation
Disappearing Witnesses     Jones, Penn, Jr.     The Mae Brussell Website
Dodd and Dulles vs. Kennedy in Africa     DiEugenio, James     Probe
Double Decker     Barber, Stephan N.     JFK Online
Dr. Lattimer and the Great Thornburn Hoax     Milam, Wallace     Electronic Assassinations Newsletter
The Enigma of Ruth and Michael Paine     Kelin, John     Fair Play
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