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Title     Author     Publisher
30th Anniversary Book Review     Proctor, Dr. Grover B. Jr.     The JFK Assassination
40th Anniversary of the Gulf of Tonkin Incident     Prados, John     National Security Archive
59 Witnesses: Delay on Elm Street     Palamara, Vince     Fair Play
A Clash of Camelots     Kashner, Sam     Vanity Fair
A Conspiracy Too Big?     Litwin, Fred     Fair Play
A Demonstrable Impossibility     Hunt, John     History Matters
A Farewell to Justice -- A Review     DiEugenio, James     Probe
A History of the Zapruder Film     Shackelford, Martin     JFK Lancer
A Legacy of Fear     Schoener, Gary Richard     Fair Play
A Letter to the American People (and Myself in Particular) on the Unspeakable     Douglass, James W.     Fair Play
A Philadelphia Lawyer Analyzes the President's Back and Neck Wounds     Salandria, Vincent J.     Fair Play
A Philadelphia Lawyer Analyzes the Shots, Trajectories, and Wounds     Salandria, Vincent J.     Fair Play
A Reader's Guide to the Assassination     Schuster, Ralph     The John F. Kennedy Assassination Homepage
A Reply to Students' Questions     Proctor, Dr. Grover B. Jr.     The JFK Assassination
A Review of Gerald Posner, Case Closed: Lee Harvey Oswald and the Assassination of JFK     Scott, Peter Dale     Electronic Assassinations Newsletter
A Single Answer     Harris, Robert     the JFK History Page
The Acoustic Evidence in the Kennedy Assassination     O'Dell, Michael     Kennedy Assassination Home Page
After 45 Years, A Civil Rights Hero Waits for Justice     Hartmann, Thom     Huffington Post
An Open Letter to Assassination Researchers     Sharrett, Christopher, Ph.D.     Fair Play
Answering Chomsky's Challenges     Alcorn, Richard     Fair Play
Archive Photos Not of JFK's Brain, Concludes Aide to Review Board     Lardner, George Jr.     Washington Post
Arlen Specter and the Missing Parkland Witnesses     Parker, Brad J.     Fair Play
The ARRB and the Z Film     Backes, Joseph     Fair Play
ARRB Meets First Hurdles     Probe     Probe
ARRB: Behind the Curtain     Probe     Probe
The Art of Misrepresenting Evidence     Galanor, Stewart     Electronic Assassinations Newsletter
The Assassination Goes Hollywood!     McAdams, John     The Kennedy Assassination Home Page
The Assassination of John F. Kennedy as Coup D'Etat     Sharett, Christopher     Fair Play
The Assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy     Wrone, David R.     Fair Play
Assassination Records Review Board     JFK Lancer     JFK Lancer
The Assassination: An Overview     Schuster, Ralph     The John F. Kennedy Assassination Homepage
The Assassinations of the 1960s as "Deep Events"     Scott, Peter Dale     History Matters
The Assignment of Dr. G. Robert Blakey     Sprague, Richard E.     Fair Play
Back to the Bay of Pigs     Dinges, John     The Nation
The Baker-Oswald Encounter: Proof That Oswald Did Not Shoot JFK?     Griffith, Michael T.     JFK Assassination Web Page
Basic Evidence of Conspiracy     Pease, Lisa     Real History Archives
The Bay of Pigs Revisited     Morrissey, Michael D,     Serendipity
The Bay of Pigs The Pivotal Operation of the JFK Era     Prouty, L. Fletcher     L. Fletcher Prouty
Bedrock Evidence in the Kennedy Assassination     Thompson, Josiah     Mary Ferrell Foundation
Benazir Bhutto and JFK     Latif, Wajahat     The Nation
Besmirching History: Vincent Bugliosi Assassinates Kennedy Again     Green, Michael     Mary Ferrell Foundation
The Best Evidence Against the SBT     Kent, Russell     Fair Play
The Bike With the Mike     Thomas, Don     Mary Ferrell Foundation
Blakey's "Linchpin": Dr. Guinn, Neutron Activation Analysis, and the Single Bullet Theory     Milam, Wallace     Electronic Assassinations Newsletter
Blowing Smoke From the Grave: E. Howard Hunt and the JFK Assassination     Fulsom, Don     Crime Magazine
Blows Against the Empire: A Breach in the Wall of Government Secrecy     Shackelford, Martin     Electronic Assassinations Newsletter
Body Snatchers at Love Field?     Grant, Joel     The Kennedy Assassination Home Page
Bogus Evidence     McAdams, John     The Kennedy Assassination Home Page
The Bolton Ford Dealership Story     Bochan, Steve N.     JFK Lancer
Book Review: "Plausible Denial"     Proctor, Dr. Grover B. Jr.     The JFK Assassination
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