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Re; Weather wasn't clear in the Morning, by Jeffyd1000
by nelrow on Fri, Jan 11, 2008, 12:44 PM GMT (#1689)
Comment on Site Section: The Case Against Oswald
I'm not sure I follow your logic concerning the weather. Wouldn't early rain mean that they might have needed to put the top on? The breaches of procedure evidenced by the actions of some of the SS detail are very suggestive of conspiracy. These variations to procedure, including the absence of motor cycle outriders in front of the Presidential limo and the absence of SS on the vehicles 'running boards' have been the subject of changing explanations over the years. Originally these breaches were explained as comimg from Kennedy's own direction. Additionally there was a suggestion that the procedural breaches were part of an 'on the job' training exercise. What is clear now, is that JFK never directed his SS detail to do anything outside of existing procedures or regulations!! A fact which is in contradiction to SS agent statements to the HSCA & in ARRB interviews. But, (& I personally think this is a key point)the reactions of some SS agents to events of that day seem blameless. Henry Rybka for example showed real agitation to unaccountable breaches to procedures. However, having said that, the actions of Emory Roberts were highly suspicious. Roberts (now deceased)above all others in my view, ought to have been the subject of the most extreme disciplinary and legal sanction for his actions! Credit is due here for the excellent research of Vincent Palamara, amongst others. You are right (in my view)about this being evidence of a conspiracy unfolding. Without wishing to agree or disagree with your assertions regarding the 3 men you mention as being responsible, I do agree that these SS procedural breaches and the motorcade route changes exculpate Oswald unless he was part of the conspiracy. Relating all this to the subject of the research topic, 'The Case Against Oswald', it should be noted that the legal case against Oswald was always pretty thin. This was confirmed by DPD Chief Jesse Curry in his 1969 book, JFK Assassination File, that strongly indicated that the evidence he had amassed was unlikely to sustain a conviction. Such an unpopular viewpoint is perhaps the reason why Curry could not find a publisher for his book ( and was forced to distribute it through 7\11 outlets!) The flimsiness of the case against Oswald acting alone, was yet another reason why that case could not go to trial.
RE Limo by tjmcdowell
by nelrow on Sat, Dec 29, 2007, 10:59 AM GMT (#1687)
Comment on Site Section: The Case Against Oswald
A reasonable question that brings into focus the nature of the plot. Despite numerous recommendations to avoid visiting Dallas, JFK had boldly determined that he had to go and appear open and accessible to onlookers. He was insistent about this even going so far as to ensure that his wife avoided wearing sunglasses so as not to appear like an aloof Hollywood star. In a previous visit to Tampa, the President had also dispensed with the bubble top and actually stood up in the limo (much to the alarm of his secret service detail) so that spectators could get a good look at him. All of this,despite the fact that a death threat had been received for the Florida visit! (see Waldron & Hartmann's, Ultimate Sacrifice). Therefore, given this previous experience and the desire of JFK to connect on a personal level with the American people there was a strong probability that no bubble top would be employed. As a side note of some importance this desire on the part of JFK to ride in open motorcades allowed for the conspirators to 'pre-hatch' similar assassination attempts for different places. The parallels, including the 'Lone Nut' fall guy for each location is a point also noted by David Talbot in Brothers, and one that argues persuasively against Oswald's responsibility for this heinous act.
W Tracy Parnell: Is it Enough?
by nelrow on Fri, Nov 9, 2007, 7:37 PM GMT (#1681)
Comment on document page: Kennedy Assassination Chronicles, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pg 12
W.Tracy Parnell's 2001 documentary analysis of LHO's handwriting discounts (on the basis of 3 samples)the entire thesis of John Armstrong. In 'Harvey & Lee - Just the Facts Please'; Lee Harvey Oswald's Dual Identity Cover-Up and in 'Harvey,Lee & Tippit; John Armstrong pursues the theory that an intel operation was begun in the fifties that created two Oswald's. Armstrong cites as supporting evidence, contradictions between New York school records and those of New York courts; height discrepancies; evident disagreements about the number of times LHO was confined to youth facilities; evidence that while Lee Oswald was living in New York, Harvey Oswald was living in Stanley, North Dakota and anecdotal recollections that don't tally with exhumation dental records. There is also an amount of circumstantially corroborative 'evidence' in the reminiscences of Judyth Vary Baker; in John Kellin's essay, 'Harvey & Lee: A Capsule Version'; and in apparently dissimilar images of LHO that exist in the photographic record. Despite the seeming improbability of Armstrong's thesis (such a deeply planned 'identity duplication'could not have been dreamed up in the fifties with a view then of a future use in a pre-assassination scheme targeting JFK) the question remains to be asked - are all the discrepancies about Oswald, raised by Armstrong and others, resolved absolutely by W Tracy Parnell's slender data sample of 3 documentary signatures?
To Limolover
by nelrow on Wed, Oct 31, 2007, 7:56 AM GMT (#1680)
Comment on Site Section: Theories and Perspectives
Yes, the limo is the crime scene within a crime scene. And therefore pictures of a Secret Service agent washing it down at Parkland are so obviously disturbing. Michigan attorney Douglas Weldon wrote a brilliant essay on the Presidential Limo and what happened to it, that appeared in James Fetzer's, 'Murder in Dealey Plaza'. Highly recommended reading for anyone interested in the frankly bizarre fashion that key physical evidence in this case was handled by the authorities.
Unmasking Bugliosi's Motivation
by nelrow on Sat, Oct 27, 2007, 9:28 PM GMT (#1677)
Comment on document: Besmirching History: Vincent Bugliosi Assassinates Kennedy Again
Michael Green is to be congratulated for his superb essay! Green demonstrates how Bugliosi's frantic and fraudulent efforts to repair the rotting fabric of cover-up can so easily be brushed aside. By simply focussing on the reliance of the Warren Commission on CE-399 retaining its 'magical' status and by virtue of the changing nature of a variety of medical testimony regarding the autonomy of those doctors & other experts involved as much as his focus on the specifics of their examinations of wounds & other evidence, Green unmasks Bugliosi's real thematic concern. Obviously it is a concern that depends on an audience that is foolish enough or uninformed enough to accept and believe that the most transparent hoax is the truth. Green delivers a tour de force in response to Bugliosi's wordy but turgid farce.
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