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Waldron's alleged coup in Cuba
by gemantel on Wed, Dec 10, 2008, 1:13 PM GMT (#1743)
Comment on Site Section: Ultimate Sacrifice
This is an excerpt taken from an article recently seen on-line (and probably still available there): "While still in the strategic office of justice secretary under the Johnson administration, Robert Kennedy attempted to normalize relations with Cuba one month after the assassination of his brother, who was promoting it at the time of his death. Robert described the limitations on travel to the island as a violation of American liberties. Documents declassified by the National Security Archives on June 29, 2005, include a memo from Robert dated December 12, 1963, in which he pressed Justice Secretary Dean Rusk to make a rapid decision 'to leave without effect current prohibitions such as those on travel,' noting in the same memo that it was impracticable to arrest, charge and get involved in the persecution, in bad taste, of citizens seeking to travel to Cuba." ------- If true, it sure is funny behavior from a guy that was planning a Cuban invasion of sorts just a few days earlier.

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