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Oswald was too poor.
by jeffyd1000 on Tue, Jan 15, 2008, 4:59 PM GMT (#1690)
Comment on Site Section: The Case Against Oswald
To even suggest Oswald knew of the conspiracy would suggest, he had untold wealth to instigate it; and no such evidence exists; never will either. Most of all, Oswald knew he had to remain as a confidential informant through the Naval Intelligence Department, under John Connally at that time. He was following the Justice Department's executive order to locate & shut down the Cuban Refugee Training Camps. The CIA knew exactly what they were doing by -insert-ing connections to Ruth Paigne and infiltrate Oswald to seek employment at the TSBD.....it was truly a remarkable orchestrated event. The SS and DPD were following orders from higher up, and they didn't know anything of a conspiracy going down. It was like walking into a Carnival, with guns going off at the shooting gallery area, all they could do was look and try to comprehend. Finally, you come down to the conclusion, it took a lot of money to pull-off that assassination, and those with a lot of money are the true culprits to investigate. They had so much control over that assassination it almost looks like 9-11 in reverse. The most suspecting entities to investigate are the conglomerate insurance companies of America, they're the only one's with that kind of money.

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