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George Joannides associated with RFK Assassination too
by vicjoe on Fri, Nov 24, 2006, 2:20 AM GMT (#1513)
Comment on Site Section: Unredacted Episode 2: Interview with Jefferson Morley and Jim Lesar
On the Robert F. Kennedy page of this site, a Nov. 22 notice refers to the BBC Newsnight video of new investigative evidence of CIA presence at the Ambassador Hotel the night RFK was assassinated. One of the 3 men positively identified from photographs is none other than George Joannides, the CIA man revealed for his role as liaison with the anti-Castro Cuban group and their contacts with Lee Harvey Oswald, by the work posted in this site section by Jefferson Morley. It is beyond coincidence that this CIA psyops specialist would pop up in close proximity to both assassinations, 5 years apart. This man is, by the way, the same person brought out of retirement and assigned by the CIA as liaison between the House Select Committee on Assassinations; his activities surrounding the anti-Cubans and connection to pre-assassination interest of the CIA to Oswald was not disclosed. In his liaison role, Joannides had a great deal of control over what was disclosed and what was withheld from the Committee. Former head of the House Select Committee on Assassinations, G. Robert Blakey indicates they had no idea of George Joannides' prior assignment with the CIA in 1963 and would not have accepted him as a valid intermediary had they known of is past assignments; doubtless Blakey would be equally surprised at this BBC video revelation of George Joannides' presence at the RFK assassination.

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