"WHY" questions
by WRZZ on Thu, Jun 15, 2006, 10:00 AM GMT (#1410)
Comment on Site Section: Dealey Plaza
Why are CIA documents still being kept secret until 2017 or even longer? Why does the media not fully report all of the people who saw and heard the shots from the grassy knoll, such as the motorcycle police officers who tried to ride up the knoll, the railroad workers who rushed to the end of the bridge toward the knoll, the ex-army ranger who was standing in the middle of the plaza on the grass in a straight line from the knoll to the limo to his child and he covered his child and was splattered with the brains from JFK? Why did Senator Arlen Specter who presented evidence from the FBI to the Warren Commission omit or modify witnesses' statements? Why hasn't a brief CD of Mark Lane's interviews be made of just the eyewitnesses who saw the shots from the knoll? Why did JFK's head snap back and Jackie Kennedy climb on the back of the limo to try to gather up material from the back of JFK's head? (A person has to be a moron if he thinks she was trying to help a secret service officer climb on the limo picking up speed when her husband has just been shot.) Why hasn't someone published the money trail showing who benefitted from the death of JFK who was bringing the troops home and the re-kindling of the Vietnam War by LBJ and who made profits off of the War such as the oil companies, KBR, and the military industrial complex, which war was run by the CIA which was also running Air America in Laos to help the Mafia bring heroin into the US?

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