JFK Exhibit F-65
by CJB on Thu, Apr 27, 2006, 6:29 AM GMT (#1404)
Comment on Site Section: HSCA Public Hearings Exhibits, p1
Just some observations with regard to the panel s view of the bullet paths. (Aprox 10 degrees to horizontal) (i) Both bullet paths seem to be parallel which would not be the case if fired from the same point in space. (ii) Unless I'm abnormal the path from the position of the JFK back wound (using my torso profile) to my necktie is approximately parallel to the ground when I'm sitting upright. If I bend my neck Approximately 10 degrees it makes no difference to the bullet path. I would need to bend from the waist approximately 10 degrees to approximate the path shown in the drawing. JFK seems upright to me (in Zapruder film) in response to first shot.

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