NARA Evidence Photos: Blanket, Bag, Rods

CE 140: Green and brown blanket. (see 16 WH 512, introduced at 1 WH 119).
CE 142: Bag made out of wrapping paper, found on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository Building after the assassination. (see 16 WH 513, introduced at 1 WH 120).

The top row of photos depict Commission Exhibit 140. This is the blanket, found in the Paine garage, in which the Mannlicher-Carcano rifle had purportedly been stored. The second row of photos show CE 142, a paper bag which the Warren Commission alleged was made by Lee Harvey Oswald and used to carry the rifle into the TSBD. The third row shows curtain rods taken from the Paine home (Oswald had claimed that the bag he took to work on Nov 22 contained curtain rods).

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CE 140, photo 1

CE 140, photo 2

CE 140, photo 3

CE 142, photo 1

CE 142, photo 2

Curtain Rods,
photo 1

Curtain Rods,
photo 2

Curtain Rods,
photo 3

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