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HSCA Public Hearings Exhibits - Page 4

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JFK Exhibit F-176
Diagram showing spikes representing "jiggles" of Zapruder's camera, as derived from analysis of the film frames.
(see 2 AH 13)
JFK Exhibit F-177/177a
Combined blur analysis chart, overlaid with gunfire spikes derived from acoustics analysis.
(see 2 AH 14)
JFK Exhibit F-178
Various copies of Oswald "backyard" photographs.
(see 2 AH 350)
JFK Exhibit F-179
Two different Oswald "backyard" photos, showing Oswald with a rifle, pistol, and newspapers.
(see 1 AH 124)
JFK Exhibit F-180
One of the Oswald "backyard" photographs and negatives.
(see 2 AH 246)
JFK Exhibit F-182
Back sides of two Oswald "backyard" photographs.
(see 2 AH 352)
JFK Exhibit F-194
Oswald Cuban visa application photo (Published exhibit features additional photos, used in analysis for "chin line" in backyard photos).
(see 2 AH 401)
JFK Exhibit F-206
Various photos showing the Mannlicher-Carcano rifle.
(see 2 AH 425)
JFK Exhibit F-207
Several photos of the Mannlicer-Carcano rifle from different perspectives, illustrating differing length perception.
(see 2 AH 435)
JFK Exhibit F-270
Closeups of two photos of Oswald's face, used to analyze possible line in the chin indicating photographic forgery in "backyard" photos.
(see 1 AH 125)
JFK Exhibit F-271
Photos of heads used in analyzing nose shadows, for testing authenticity of Oswald "backyard" photographs.
(see 2 AH 413)
JFK Exhibit F-275 Part IV (1)
Jack Ruby's revolver (photo from Firearms Panel collection).

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