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11 December 2009 - Update - "Many US Government Files about JFK and King Assassinations Still Secret" Lamar Waldron, co-author of the new trade paperback edition of Legacy of Secrecy updates his essay on the large quantities of JFK and MLK files still withheld from the public in light of the revelations in the new edition of Legacy of Secrecy and the death of Watergate burglar Bernard Barker.

28 November 2009 - New Essay - The JFK Case: What Informants are Still Out There?" Bill Simpich's essay on OpEdNews places the Lee Harvey Oswald story in the context of U.S. government operations against Cuba and particularly the Fair Play for Cuba Committee.

2 September 2009 - James DiEugenio on "Reclaiming History" Now available in the Essay archive is James DiEugenio's seven-part Tom Hanks, Gary Goetzman, and Bugliosi's Bungle: A Comprehensive Review of Reclaiming History from CTKA, a searing indictment of Bugliosi's Reclaiming History.

31 August 2009 - Connect with the Mary Ferrell Foundation The Mary Ferrell Foundation is on Twitter and Facebook! Our updates are also available on the About page. Stay tuned to both for site news and exclusive features!

11 August 2009 - Reviews of "Inside the Target Car" from CTKA Essays by James DiEugenio, Dr. David W. Mantik, Milicent Cranor, and Pamela McElwain-Brown demolish the findings of last fall's "Inside the Target Car" special on the Discovery Channel.

1 June 2009 - Online Chapter from Our Man In Mexico: Winston Scott & the Hidden History of the CIA Our Man In Mexico is Jefferson Morley's biography of Winston Scott, Chief of the CIA's Mexico City Station from 1956 to 1959. Chapter 15 is now unlocked and available for reading online, and details how the CIA's reply to Scott's query regarding Lee Harvey Oswald in September, 1963 proves that Scott was no longer "in the loop."

28 May 2009 - New Essay - Virtual JFK: Vietnam If JFK Had Lived: A Review, by Jim Di Eugenio In a new essay at CTKA, author Jim Di Eugenio reviews the new documentary, Virtual JFK: Vietnam If JFK Had Lived and its accompanying book of the same title.

22 May 2009 - Online Chapter from Praise From a Future Generation: Praise From a Future Generation is author John Kelin's history of the first generation of Warren Commission critics - including Harold Weisberg, Vincent Salandria, and Sylvia Meagher. Chapter 20 is now unlocked and available for reading online, and covers the first meeting of Warren Commission critics at the home of Sylvia Meagher in October, 1965.

25 Apr 2009 - Online Chapter from The Tangled Web: The Tangled Web is the story of Chicago cop and "made" member of the mob Richard Cain, as told by his half-brother Michael. Chapter 9 is now unlocked and available for reading online, and covers Richard Cain's initiation into the Chicago mob in addition to including a photo section.

25 Mar 2009 - Updates to Hoover Daily Logs: Updated versions of the 1958, 1959, and 1960 Daily Logs of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover are now online, featuring fewer redactions than those previously available here.

18 Feb 2009 - State Dept. Volume on Dominican Republic and Cuba, 1964-68: A new volume in the Foreign Relations of the US series, 1964 - 1968, Dominican Republic; Cuba; Haiti; Guyana, is now online. The de-emphasis on Cuba implied in its inclusion with other countries reflects the Johnson administration's priorities, which included growing focus on Vietnam. This volume covers the growing Dominican Republic crisis; a September 1963 military coup which overthrew Juan Bosch eventually led to the sending of U.S. forces in the spring of 1965.

11 Feb 2009 - Online Chapters from Secret Agenda: Two chapters from Jim Hougan's book Secret Agenda: Watergate, Deep Throat, and the CIA, a fascinating study of the murkier aspects of the Watergate break-in and related matters, are now unlocked for reading online. Chapter 13 - The Last Break-in explores mysteries of the break-in and arrests, and Chapter 15 - Summer Fires retells the frenzy of document destruction with followed. See also Hougan's essay "Throat", republished here on the MFF after first appearing on www.jimhougan.com.

22 Jan 2009 - State Dept. Volume on Guatemalan Coup: A new volume in the Foreign Relations of the US series, 1952 - 1954, Guatemala, is now online. This volume documents Operation PBSUCCESS, the CIA-sponsored overthrow of the Arbenz government. PBSUCCESS alumni include David Atlee Phillips, Howard Hunt, David Morales, Henry Hecksher, Anne Goodpasture, and other names familiar to those who study the JFK assassination.

16 Jan 2009 - Search System Enhancements: The MFF search engine, in addition to searching our vast Archive of documents and essays, now also searches Starting Points, Features, Resources, News, and other site pages, including the multimedia archive. Results for these now display at the top of search results. As always, a supporting membership is required to "click through" search results pages. Join today.

9 Jan 2009 - State Dept. Volume on Arms Control and Disarmament: A new volume in the Foreign Relations of the US series, 1961-1963, Volume VII: Arms Control and Disarmament, is now online. Including memos between Kennedy and his arms control advisor and future Warren Commissioner John McCloy, this volume covers the entire Kennedy era, including the Cuban Missile Crisis and the 1963 Partial Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.

5 Jan 2009 - Additions to Crypt Project: More than 20 new entries have been added to the CIA Cryptonym Project. See definitions and source references for AMCOVE, AMHAWK, AMLEO, AMTURVY, AMLOUT-1, LIPSTICK, LIEMBRACE, LIEMPTY, LIMITED, LILYRIC, LIONION, LIMESA, and several more. Decode and share your own knowledge of the CIA codes for organizations, projects, and agents in the MFF's files.

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