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HSCA Public Hearings Exhibits - Page 9

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JFK Exhibit F-433
Photo of Sylvia Tirado Duran, who handled Oswald's request for a visa to Cuba and the Soviet Union.
(see 3 AH 5)
JFK Exhibit F-434
Photo of pages from passport of Lee Harvey Oswald.
(see 3 AH 138)
JFK Exhibit F-435
Diagram of Cuban Consulate.
JFK Exhibit F-436
Sketch of the layout of Trescornia prison in Cuba, where Santos Trafficante was held.
(see 5 AH 166)
JFK Exhibit F-437
Photo of Eusebio Azcue Lopez, who was Cuban Consul in Mexico City during the Oswald 1963 visit.
(see 3 AH 146)
JFK Exhibit F-438
Composite of five photographs provided by Cubans re surveillance of apartment house.
(see 3 AH 318)
JFK Exhibit F-449a
Chart showing timeline of Warren Commission investigation (part 1).
JFK Exhibit F-449b
Chart showing timeline of Warren Commission investigation (part 2).
JFK Exhibit F-449c
Chart showing timeline of Warren Commission investigation (part 3).
JFK Exhibit F-456
Chart showing the organization of the FBI in 1964.
(see 3 AH 478)
JFK Exhibit F-476
Chart showing the personnel and organizational hierarchy of the Warren Commission.
(see 3 AH 611)
JFK Exhibit F-495 (front)
Application for rental of a post office box on 1 November 1963, signed by Lee H. Oswald.
(see 4 AH 319)

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