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Photo Collection: HSCA Public Hearings Exhibits

The House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) presented several hundred exhibits in its 1978 public hearings. These include photographs, charts and graphs, test results, and more. The set of photos presented here represents about 20% of the total. They were scanned from photos available in 8 boxes labeled "HSCA Public Exhibits" at the National Archives II in College Park, Maryland. 132 photographs.

For a complete listing of HSCA Public Hearings exhibits, see the HSCA Report, p.574.

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Page 1: F-9, F-10, F-15, F-20, F-22, F-44, F-48, F-58, F-65, F-66, F-73, F-81

Page 2: F-84, F-85, F-89, F-90, F-96, F-97, F-130, F-132, F-135, F-136, F-137, F-138

Page 3: F-139, F-140, F-141, F-142, F-143, F-144, F-145, F-147, F-153, F-166, F-172, F-175

Page 4: F-176, F-177/177a, F-178, F-179, F-180, F-182, F-194, F-206, F-207, F-270, F-271, F-275-IV-1

Page 5: F-275-IV-2, F-275-IV-3, F-275-IV-4, F-275-IV-5, F-276, F-277-1, F-277-2, F-277-3, F-278, F-279, F-281, F-282

Page 6: F-284, F-285, F-286, F-287, F-288, F-289, F-290, F-291, F-292, F-294, F-295, F-296

Page 7: F-297, F-302, F-306, F-307, F-337, F-339, F-340, F-341, F-342, F-358, F-359, F-376

Page 8: F-377, F-386, F-401a, F-401b, F-404, F-407, F-408, F-424, F-429a, F-430, F-431, F-432

Page 9: F-433, F-434, F-435, F-436, F-437, F-438, F-449a, F-449b, F-449c, F-456, F-476, F-495-1

Page 10: F-495-2, F-495-3, F-496, F-504, F-506, F-509a, F-540, F-545, F-547b, F-552, F-556, F-557

Page 11: F-560, F-561, F-563a, F-568, F-581-front, F-581-back, F-595, F-596, F-599, F-619, F-682, F-683

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