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A major upgrade to the Mary Ferrell Foundation website is planned for later this April. This revision will unlock many of the new features developed for the JFK Assassination Archive disk project developed more than a year ago.

Many of the improvements, such as enhanced versions of the Mary Ferrell Database, the enhanced Photo Archive, the new Dealey Plaza Witness Database, and improvements to the document viewer, will be available to all visitors. Other improvements, mainly the search engine enhancements, will be available only to paid members, since the search engine is restricted to such members more »…..

Update to CIA Cryptonym Project

More than a dozen new cryptonym decodings received from MFF users have been added to the CIA Cryptonyms page. These new crypts and associated links are: AMAPOLA, AMBLEAK-1, AMBRUSH, AMCONCERT-1, AMCOOP-1, AMCORE-1, AMCORE-2, AMDIP-1, AMDITTO-23, AMECRU-1, AMING-4, AMLILAC.....

JFK Lancer 2014 Conference

Last year's 50th anniversary JFK Lancer research conference in Dallas was a major event featuring prominent speakers and living witnesses (a DVD set of the conference is available), and was thought to possibly end an era......


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  9. Castro Assassination Plots
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State Secret, by Bill Simpich

State Secret
State Secret, by Bill Simpich

Available for reading online is the complete text of Bill Simpich's tour de force, State Secret.

Simpich deep-dives into the mysterious intelligence-connected world of Lee Harvey Oswald, with particular focus on the events in Mexico City in the fall of 1963 and the ensuing national security cover-up.

Read State Secret by following these links:


Chapter 1: The Double Dangle

Chapter 2: Three Counterintelligence Teams Watched Oswald

Chapter 3: The Cuban Compound in Mexico City Was Ground Zero

Chapter 4: Mexico City Intrigue – The World of Surveillance

Chapter 5: The Mexico City Solution

Chapter 6: The Set-Up and the Cover-Up

Conclusion: Only Justice Will Stop a Curse

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Starting Points »

The 1960s

1963 The JFK Assassination
A defining event in modern history, JFK's murder signaled the end of a country's innocence, and set the stage for the modern political landscape.

1968 The MLK Assassination
The 1968 murder of civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. was the opening act in a year rife with violence and turmoil.

1968 The RFK Assassination
For many, the murder of Robert Kennedy following his California primary victory silenced the last best hope for peace in a country divided.

The 1970s

1972-74 Watergate
A "third rate burglary" soon escalated into a scandal which brought down the presidency of Richard Nixon.

1975-76 Intelligence Agency Investigations
Nixon's resignation ushered in the era of the "reform Congress," bringing investigations into the past abuses of the intelligence agencies.

The 1980s

Iran-Contra Special Collection
Reports and transcripts from the Iran-Contra investigations.

The Archive »

The MFF Archive is the largest searchable electronic archive of information relating to the assassinations of the 1960s and their larger historical context, including over 1,000,000 pages of declassified government documents.

Search our online portal of essays on the assassinations and related topics, hosted here and on sites across the internet.

The MFF is host to electronic copies of several prominent journals related to the JFK assassination, unlocked for reading and searching.

Thousands of online photos from the JFK and RFK assassination investigations and the National Archives, plus JFK White House photos.

Presidential recordings, taped interviews with assassination witnesses, and recorded interviews with authors & experts.

A portal to online video clips related to the JFK, MLK, and RFK assassinations, plus the MFF's own unique productions.

Hundreds of digitized books searchable for names, words, and phrases. Some books have chapters unlocked for online reading.

Resources »

Walkthroughs »

Formation of the Warren Commission
LBJ's taped phone calls and other records illuminate the process by which the Warren Commission was established. Listen to Johnson invoke the spectre of nuclear war in regards to "what Hoover told me about a little incident in Mexico City."

Walkthrough - Warren Commission Executive Sessions
Formerly-secret transcripts of the behind-the-scenes deliberations of the Commissioners, summarized with links to important sections and the entire transcripts.
Walkthrough - Vietnam in Late 1963
Plans for a complete withdrawal from Vietnam were drawn up in the spring of 1963. What happened to that plan?

Book Resources »

Book Previews
Read selected online chapters from books in the MFF collection.

Book Resource Pages
These pages present a wealth of information related to particular books of note.

  1. Hear No Evil
  2. Inside the ARRB
  3. The War Conspiracy
  4. The Last Investigation
  5. See all »

Projects »

Mary Ferrell Database
Mary Ferrell's vast database of names, converted into a searchable web version.

CIA Cryptonyms
Decode and share the meaning of the CIA crypts assigned to organizations, individuals, and projects.
Mary Ferrell Chronologies
Dealey Plaza Witness Database

MFF Productions »

Withheld in FullShort documentaries, video interviews with authors and experts, the Unredacted audio interviews, and more.

  1. The Fourteen Minute Gap
  2. Withheld in Full: Morley v. CIA

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