The MFF Archive contains a vast array of digital documents, books, essays, multimedia, and more concerning the assassination of President Kennedy and other political leaders, as well as other turning points in recent American history. Use the links below to browse the collections, or use the MFF's sophisticated search tools to quickly find what you're looking for.

About the MFF Archive

The MFF Digital Archive contains a large collection of scanned government documents, books about the assassinations and their historical context, a portal to essays from around the internet, scanned back issues of journals, and a varied collection of photos, audio, and video.

All materials are open for browsing. To conduct more than a limited number of searches, you must sign up for a paid membership. Free memberships afford the ability to rate and comment upon materials in the archive.


Document collections come from varied sources. A primary source of our materials is the Assassination Archives and Research Center. Other materials come from History Matters, JFK Lancer Productions & Publications, the National Archives, and other organizations and individuals.

The MFF currently has over 1,000,000 pages of scanned government records, most of them copies of records in the JFK Records Collection, which is maintained at National Archives II in College Park, Maryland. Also online are growing collections on the assassinations of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy.

For authenticity and best access to the original format, pages are presented as scanned images, not converted to text. Our custom viewing engine allows searching the text associated with each page image, and can even highlight search hits on the viewed pages.


The Multimedia portion of the MFF Archive contains photographs, audio, and video. These are organized into collections and available to all for browsing.

Photo collections are scanned from photos made available by the JFK Library & Museum, National Archives, and other organizations. They are presented in thumbnails - click on any thumbnail to view a larger version.

Audio collections of investigative interviews and other audio recordings come from the National Archives and other sources. Our own Unredacted series of interviews with authors and experts is part of this archive. Each is available for listening in .mp3 format.

Video includes the MFF's own taped interviews and productions, including our Withheld In Full series of documentary shorts. The Video Archive also features a portal to videos available elsewhere on the internet, primarily YouTube and Google Video.


Over 400 books have been scanned and entered into the MFF Book Archive, and organized into general topic categories. Books may not be read online, due to copyright restrictions, but limited fair-use searching is available.

The Mary Ferrell Foundation Press is dedicated to bringing back into print classic works and important government reports which are no longer easily available. These paperback books may be ordered online in the MFF Store, and are also available on amazon.com.


The Mary Ferrell Foundation has published many original essays on the MFF website. The Essay Archive contains these, and in addition is a portal to hundreds of essays on sites across the internet. This virtual essay collection may be searched as well as browsed.


The JFK assassination spawned several paper journals devoted to publishing articles and news; these journals lasted for years and in one case decades. Four of these journals, courtesy of their creators, are available in the Journal Archive. Full back issues of Kennedy Assassination Chronicles, Third Decade and Fourth Decade, and Dealey Plaza Echo are online. This last journal is ongoing.

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Recent Archive Additions

May 2009:

Enclosures Behind Files docs added to FBI's HSCA Administrative Folders collection.

Apr 2009:

Additions to the FBI MURKIN collection (volumes 28 through 40, 74, and 76).

Mar 2009:

Updated versions of the 1958, 1959, and 1960 Daily Logs of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover are now online, featuring fewer redactions than those previously available here.

The Joint Appearances of Senator John F. Kennedy and Vice President Richard M. Nixon Presidential Campaign of 1960. A report by the Senate Commerce Committee.

Senate Watergate Committee Reports. With several volumes added, this set is complete except for Volume 26 and an Index volume.

Feb 2009:

House Select Committee on Assassinations Press Releases. Kits provided to press during the public hearings on the JFK and MLK murders.

Senate Watergate Committee Reports. These are the voluminous reports of the Ervin Committee hearings into the Watergate affair.

Hearings Before the House Committee on the Judiciary. These Watergate reports gathered evidence for the impeachment of President Nixon.

Jan 2009:

Foreign Relations of the United States, 1952-1964: Guatemala. Operation PBSUCCESS veterans include David Phillips, E. Howard Hunt, David Morales, Henry Hecksher, and others.

Pike Committee Reports. Includes hearings volumes and a draft report on NSA surveillance.

Watergate Audio. The "smoking gun" tape and other recordings with transcripts.

Dec 2008:

FBI - HSCA Subject Files. This voluminous collection of FBI files on various persons and organizations is now complete.

Nov 2008:

Logs & Calendars of Director Hoover. Includes appointment books and phone logs.

Dealey Plaza Echo, Volume 11 Issue 3.

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