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CIA Cryptonyms

CIA documents are peppered with "cryptonyms" - AMLASH, JMWAVE, ODENVY, PBPRIME, AMCLATTER-1, etc. In many cases, the persons, organizations, or projects to which these codenames refer is public information. In others, it can be inferred from context. This page provides a handy look-up chart for decoding crypts seen in CIA documents. Source references are provided to corroborate the provided definitions. Bookmark this page for use as you read CIA documents.

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For more information on a given crypt, just type it into the MFF's search engine. Note that these crypts appear with variations - the dash before a number is sometimes a slash (AMBIDDY-1 = AMBIDDY/1), and also a slash sometimes after the first two letters (AMLASH = AM/LASH). Also, sometimes a crypt may appear with or without a following -1 (AMQUACK = AMQUACK-1) - though be careful, sometimes there is an overall project name, with individual agents assigned the project name plus -1, -2, etc.

Browse this page, or click on one of the two-letter crypt digraphs below to auto-scroll to that section of crypts. Click on a triangle to the left of a crypt id to expand more information. Click on the crypt name itself to go to the crypt's full page.

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Contributors to recent updates include:
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AESoviet Union sources, in particular defectors and agents.
AEBARMANSoviet officer Yuri Ivonovich Nosenko, who defected in Feb 1964 with information about Oswald.
AEBURBLEStateside Soviet double-agent controlled by the FBI, and code-named TUMBLEWEED by the FBI. Actual name Guenter Schulz.
AEDIPPER-20Piotr Deriabin - aka Petr Deryabin - a Soviet defector during 1954. [status: Probable]
AEDONORSoviet officer Yuri Ivonovich Nosenko, who defected in Feb 1964 with information about Oswald.
AEFOXTROTSoviet officer Yuri Ivonovich Nosenko, who defected in Feb 1964 with information about Oswald.
AEGUSTOYuriy Loginov, a KGB officer who became an in-place double agent for the CIA. [status: Probable]
AELADLEAnatoliy Golitsyn, a Soviet defector prized by CIA CounterIntelligence head James Angleton.


AMOperations, organizations, and individuals relating to Cuba.
AMAPACHE-2Iglesais Pons, JMWAVE FI asset, arrived Key West 6/16/61 on boat PANMAJA.
AMAPOLACuban Intelligence Service.
AMBANG-1Manuel Ray Rivero, leader of the Revolutionary Movement of the People (MRP) and later Junta Revolucionaria Cubana (JURE).
AMBANG-4Rogelio Cisneros Diaz, one of the leaders of JURE.
AMBANTYParamilitary operation of internal resistance in Cuba, originally called AMCOBRA, rolled up by Castro in 1964.
AMBANTY-1Colonel Abad (see AMBANTY).
AMBARK-1Hernandez (first name unknown). [status: Unknown]
AMBIDDY-1Manuel Artime Buesa, a prominent Cuban exile who was in the Bay of Pigs invasion, in 1963 moved to Nicaragua as leader of operation AMWORLD.
AMBLAB-1AMBLAB-1 is "Alligator." Alligator is another messenger (besides AMULAR) used by Silvio Cardenas as a channel to William Pawley. Cardenas was the contact person for Rubio Padilla to communicate with Pawley. Rubio, Cardenas, and Pepin Rivero were an anti-Castro Accion Democratica Christiana (ADC) group in Cuba.
AMBLEAK-1Estaben Jacquin Blanco Sanchez, an official of Rescate.
AMBLOODLuis Torroella y Martin Rivero
AMBRONC-5Juan Manuel Guillot Castelloro.
AMBRUSHIntel Section of the FRD (Cuban Democratic Revolutionary Front).
AMBUDCuban Revolutionary Council (CRC), Cuban exile organization formed on 22 Mar 1961 under U.S. guidance to unify various exile groups.
AMBUD-1Jose Miro Cardona, first Prime Minister of Cuba under Castro, who left Cuba and headed the Cuban Revolutionary Council (CRC) exile group.
AMCALL-1Reynold Gonzalez Gonzalez.
AMCANOEProject of U.S. contacts for a resistance group in Cuba, incl. support of Unidad de Liberacion Nacional (ULN).
AMCANOE-1Eduardo Garcia Molina.
AMCANOE-3Antonio Jose Ramirez Mendez.
AMCANOE-7Benjamin Acosta Valdes.
AMCANOE-9Juan Amestoy Dominguez.
AMCAPE-1Tad Szulc, New York Times journalist involved in AMTRUNK project, suspected by CIA of being hostile foreign agent.
AMCARBON-1Al Burt, Miami Herald journalist used as source and "operational support" for CIA's JMWAVE station.
AMCARBON-3Donald Dean Bohning, Latin American editor of Miami Herald and CIA source.
AMCHEERThe AMCHEERS were a group of approximately 100 older, non-political Cubans, who received training from Dave Morales at JMWAVE as reserve intelligence personnel—80 had been trained by April 1961.
AMCIGARFrente Revolucionario Democratico (FRD), aka Cuban Democratic Revolutionary Front.
AMCLATTER-1Bernard Leon Barker, Cuban exile and contract agent for CIA, worked with E. Howard Hunt and Frank Sturgis. One of the Watergate burglars.
AMCLATTER-5Alberto de Jesus Alberty Garcia.
AMCLATTER-6Associate of Bernard Barker (AMCLATTER-1); identity unknown. [status: Probable]
AMCOBRAParamilitary operation of internal resistance in Cuba, renamed AMBANTY, rolled up by Castro in 1964.
AMCOGA “complex” operational net inside Cuba.
AMCOG-1Brother of AMCOG-2 and AMCOG-3
AMCOG-2Mrs. (Maria) Leopoldina Grau Alsina de Aguero, aka “Polita.”
AMCOG-3Ramon Grau San Martin, brother of AMCOG-2 and AMCOG-1.
AMCOG-5Alleged sighting of Oswald in Cuba by a woman who was a source for AMCOG-5.
AMCONCERT-1Francisco Wilfredo Varona Alonso, AKA "Pancho," AKA "Paco."
AMCOODelia Failde, the “Dragon Lady”, operator of commercial boats including the Veramar used in CIA exfiltrations.
AMCOOP-1Miguel Xiques Marcias.
AMCORE-1Abel Mestre, former head of television and radio station "CMQ" in Cuba.
AMCORE-2Luis Ernesto Conte Aguero, former radio and TV commentator in Cuba who subsequently "worked on propaganda for the FRD" under AMCORE-1.
AMCOVEAn "operation centered around an FI (Foreign Intelligence) net in Cuba to report intelligence information via Secret Writing."
AMCOVE-1Alejandra Sanchez.
AMCRAG-1Francisco Bilbao Alvarez.
AMCROAK-1Bernardo Milanes Lopez, 201-738660, Castro’s mother’s doctor, recruited by Tony Sforza in Madrid in 1963, and was part of Operation Raphael, a plot to assassinate Fidel, Raul, and Che.
AMDENIM-1Alberto Fernandez Hechevarria, Cuban exile whose boat Tejana was used in anti-Castro activities.
AMDENIM-11Eduardo Perez Gonzalez, aka Eddie Bayo
AMDENIM-14Antonio ("Tony") Cuesta Vallee, prominent Cuban exile, involved in Comandos L and other militant anti-Castro organization.
AMDESK-1Ricardo Anibal Morales Navarrete, aka Monkey Morales.
AMDIP-1Manuel Antonio de Varona, president of the CRC (Cuban Revolutionary Council).
AMDITTO-23Orlando Bosch Avila, a famous Cuban exile who led the MIRR and was accused of taking part in the bombing of a civilian Cuban airliner in 1976.
AMECRU-1Guillermo Alonso Pujol, who was Vice-President of Cuba from 1948 to 1952 in the government of Carlos Prio. His son was among the exiles captured at the Bay of Pigs.
AMEMBER-1Julio Lobo, sugar magnate in Cuba and later an exile and donor to the anti-Castro cause.
AMFAUNANetwork of in-Cuba agents, nearly all women, providing military, political, and economic reporting, including reports on attempts to kill Castro.
AMGLEN-1Jesus A. Valdes Cardenas.
AMHAWKManuel Antonio (Tony) de Varona, a leader in the Cuban Revolutionary Council and other anti-Castro exile groups.
AMHIMProject for the "distribution of news and information bulletins and radio newscast tapes to addresses throughout Latin America" via AIP (Agencia de Informaciones Periodisticas).
AMHIM-2Agustin Alles Soberon, worked under AMHIM project and also for Juana Castro's radio program.
AMHINT-1Alberto Muller Quintama.
AMHINT-2Manuel Salvat Roque.
AMHINT-3Miguel A. Garcia Armengol.
AMHINT-4Antonio Garcia Crew.
AMHINT-5Isidro 'Chilo' Borja, early member of the DRE. Educated as an engineer in Canada, he controlled the group's boats and headed the group's military section in 1963.
AMHINT-53Luis Fernandez-Rocha, Secretary General of the Revolutionary Student Directorate (DRE).
AMHINT-56Juan Francisco Blanco Fernandez, participated in DRE raids on Cuba.
AMICE-14Miguel A. Diaz Isalgue, a "principal" in the AMTRUNK operation.
AMICE-27Dr. Nestor Moreno, a "principal" in the AMTRUNK operation.
AMICE-31Reinaldo Pico Ramon, captured at the Bay of Pigs.
AMING-4Manuel Salvat Roque. Salvat was later AMHINT-2.
AMKHAN-2Carlos Martin Ahrens Temple, Western Union employee in Cuba recruited by CIA agent Bernard Barker (AMCLATTER-1).
AMLASHRolando Cubela Secades, a Cuban doctor and official who was recruited in 1963 for an assassination attempt on Castro. Cubela was being given a CIA poison pen on Nov 22 when news of JFK's death broke.
AMLEO"An FI propaganda operation involving the exploitation of Capt. Jose Ricardo Rabel Nunez (AMLEO-3), a high-level defector who escaped from Cuba in an INRA plane on 6 December 1962."
AMLEO-3Capt. Jose Ricardo Rabel Nunez, "a high-level defector who escaped from Cuba in an INRA plane on 6 December 1962."
AMLILACA "Commando Group" (specifically Comandos Mombisei?) involved in infiltrations into Cuba.
AMLOUT-1Raul Castro, brother of Fidel.
AMLUNT-1Alwin Odio Tamayo.
AMLUNT-2Duney Perez Alamo, aka Dunney Perez Alamo.
AMMUG-1Cuban intelligence officer named Vladimir Lahera Rodriguez, who defected to U.S. via Canada in April 1964, and was interrogated about Oswald in addition to other matters.
AMNIP-1Miguel Roche Monroy - Cuban DGI defector.
AMOTTeam of some 40 Cubans trained by David Morales to be a new Cuban intelligence service once Castro had been ousted.
AMPALM-4Angel Fernandez Varela.
AMPANIC-7Emilio Adolfo Rivero Caro
AMQUACKChe Guevera, guerrilla leader and minister in Castro's Cuba, killed in Bolivia in 1968. Aka AMQUACK-1.
AMRODCIA operations against the Cuban intelligence service. One such operation involved planting false papers on Cuban Cultural Attache Teresa Proenza, to make it look like the Vice-Minister of Defense had betrayed the Soviet missile buildup in Cuba to the Americans.
AMSANTAJoint FBI/CIA program to place willing FPCC members into Cuba to collect intelligence.
AMSERF-1Francisco (Frank) Bartes.
AMSHALE-1Antonia Veciana, leader of Cuban exile group ALPHA-66. Veciana told HSCA investigator Gaeton Fonzi that he had worked with a "Maurice Bishop" who Fonzi came to believe was CIA officer David Phillips.
AMSOUR-1Lawrence Kirby Lunt.
AMSPELLThe Directorio Revolucionario Estudiantil, or DRE (Cuban Student Directorate). DRE delegate Carlos Bringuier had the famous altercation with Lee Oswald in New Orleans in the summer of 1963, and DRE members quickly spread information about Oswald after JFK's assassination.
AMSPILLProjected centered around a foreign intelligence agent in Cuba (AMSPILL-1) who provided political and economic intelligence.
AMSTRUT-2Juana de la Caridad Castro Ruz, sister of Fidel and Raul, who ran a radio program against her brothers' regime.
AMSWEEPA foreign intelligence operation concerned with the collection of Cuban military and political information via shortwave and OWVL (one way voice link).
AMSWIRL-1Customs agent Cesar Diosdado.
AMTABBYA major paramilitary operation consisting of numerous sabotage operations against targets inside Cuba.
AMTHUGFidel Castro, the Cuban leader who took power in 1959 and whose demise the U.S. began unsuccessfully plotting soon thereafter.
AMTIKI-1Juan A. Paula Baez
AMTRUNKOperation for military overthrow of Castro's government in 1963, promoted within White House circles but distrusted by CIA. Aka Plan Leonardo.
AMTRUNK-1George Volsky.
AMTRUNK-10Ramon Thomas Guin Diaz.
AMTRUNK-11Carlos Pedraza Aguilar.
AMTRUNK-9Modesto Orlando Orozco Basulto.
AMTURVYAn operation "designed for the purpose of conducting sabotage operations against Cuba. It consisted of a net of 13 AMTURVY assets whose primary function, apart from sabotage, was the preparation of target studies and analysis of sabotage operations."
AMTURVY-1Alturo Maria Jesus Varona [Alesso?].
AMTURVY-13Mario Salabarria Aguiar.
AMTURVY-4Enrique Diaz Fernandez.
AMUPAS-1Viola June Cobb, who informed for CIA under crypt AMUPAS-1 while working for Castro, and played a role in the Elena Garro de Paz story, with Mexican crypt LICOOKY-1.
AMWAIL-1Justo Carillo Hernandez, leader of Agrupacion Montecristi and a founding member of the Frente Civico Revolucionario (FRD), forerunner of the CRC.
AMWHIP-1Carlos Tepedino Gonzalez, a Cuban exile living in the U.S. who was a "long-time friend" of Rolando Cubela (AMLASH). AMWHIP-1 arranged the 1961 meeting between a CIA case officer and Cubela, who was recruited to attempt to assassinate Fidel Castro.
AMWORLDPlan to invade Cuba from offshore, primarily involving Manuel Artime (AMBIDDY-1), based in Nicaragua. Lamar Waldron (''Ultimate Sacrifice'') interprets this as the CIA's portion of a JFK-sponsored coup plan set for 1 Dec 1963 involving Juan Almeida.


GPCrypts apparently related to the Kennedys, including JFK's alleged assassin. [status: Speculative]
GPFLOORLee Harvey Oswald (post-assassination designation).
GPFOCUSRobert F. Kennedy, JFK's brother and Attorney General in the JFK administration.
GPIDEALPresident Kennedy.
GPPHOTOGeneral Maxwell Taylor, chair of the Cuba study group after the Bay of Pigs and later the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. [status: Probable]


HT??? [status: Unknown]
HTLINGUALCIA mail opening and mail cover program, operated from 1952 to 1973. Lee Harvey Oswald was one of this program's targets.


JM??? [status: Unknown]
JMARCWH/4 Bay of Pigs Project before December 1960 (later JMATE).
JMATEWH/4 Bay of Pigs Project beginning in December 1960 (formerly JMARC).
JMBARCIA covert operations group located at Key West, Florida. [status: Probable]
JMCLEARBelieved to be Air Operations during the Bay of Pigs. [status: Probable]
JMFIGThe Opa-locka air station, where Cuban immigrants were screened at the Caribbean Admissions Center prior to entry into the United States.
JMRIMMCommunications facility in the Miami area. [status: Probable]
JMTIDEStrike base for the Bay of Pigs at Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua.
JMWAVECIA Station in Miami, training facility for anti-Cuban operations, existing on what is now the site of the Miami Zoo.


KUDivisions of the CIA itself.
KUCAGECIA Psychological and Paramilitary Operations Staff.
KUCLUBCIA Office of Communications.
KUDESKCounter Intelligence (CI) division of CIA.
KUDOVEClandestine services of CIA.
KURIOTCIA Technical Services Division (TSD).
KUSODACIA Office of Security.
KUTUBEForeign Intelligence (FI) division of CIA.
KUTUBE/DCIA "Staff D" responsible for SIGINT (Signals Intelligence - electronic intercepts), where the ZR/RIFLE "executive action" (assassination) program was housed.


LC??? [status: Unknown]
LCFLUTTERPolygraph ("lie detector") testing, sometimes referred to simply as "FLUTTER".
LCHARVESTLCHARVEST (TPFAST, TPTERRY, VLVIGOR) involved operations against Peoples Republic of China (PRC) scientists and efforts to monitor PRC state technology.


LIOperations, organizations, and individuals related to Mexico City.
LIANCHORA program to create an Agency-controlled "leftist" press service to distribute political articles in Latin American countries.
LIBIGHTMail opening operation in Mexico City, with Soviet and/or Cuban targets.
LICALLAOne of three photo surveillance sites under the LIEMPTY umbrella project. LILYRIC was an apartment which provided a view of the back of the Soviet Embassy compound in Mexico City. The other two photo sites were LIMITED and LILYRIC.
LICHANT-1Unwitting asset Manuel Calvillo, who the HSCA failed to locate in its attempt to corroborate Elena Garro de Paz's story regarding Oswald in Mexico City.
LICOOKY-1Viola June Cobb, who informed for CIA under crypt AMUPAS-1 while working for Castro, and played a role in the Elena Garro de Paz story, with Mexican crypt LICOOKY-1 (aka LICOOKIE-1).
LIEMBRACEA Mexico City-based surveillance project, under the umbrella LIPSTICK project. LIEMBRACE included a surveillance team, a radio repairman, and a phototruck team.
LIEMPTYUmbrella surveillance project in Mexico City, formerly code-named LIPSTICK. Included a variety of sub-projects under it.
LIENTRAPMobile surveillance team used to track Soviet operatives in Mexico City.
LIENVOYCIA telephone tapping program in Mexico City, targeting Cuban and Soviet embassies and run in conjunction with the Mexican DFS. Netted phone calls allegedy of Oswald. See also LIFEAT.
LIERODECIA photosurveillance and tapping operation targeting the Cuban embassy compound in Mexico City (see refs for confusion on this). It is the LIERODE operation which allegedly failed to obtain photos of Oswald due to a camera breakdown.
LIFEATCIA telephone tapping program on a number of phone lines in Mexico City, collecting information on a variety of targets, including home phone lines of Soviet officers, the Yugoslav Embassy, and more. Project grew to include TELEX systems and microphone placements. See also LIENVOY.
LIHUFF-1Alfonso Rudolph Wichtrich, Executive VP, American Chamber of Commerce in Mexico.
LIJERSEYPhysical surveillance team operating in Mexico City. Renamed LIRICE in 1962.
LILYRICOne of three photo surveillance sites under the LIEMPTY umbrella project. LILYRIC was a 3rd story apartment across the street from the Soviet Embassy in Mexico City, south of the LIMITED installation. The other two photo sites were LIMITED and LICALLA.
LIMERICKSoviet Embassy in Mexico City.
LIMESAExtremely sensitive monitoring operation targeting Soviet Embassy in Mexico City, run by Staff D of CounterIntelligence. Used four-unit basehouse known as LIMUST.
LIMITEDOne of three photo surveillance sites under the LIEMPTY umbrella project. LIMITED was a fixed site right across the street from the front gate of the Soviet Embassy. The other two photo sites were LILYRIC and LICALLA.
LIMUSTA collection of four housing units used in the LIMESA project and other surveillance operations targeting the Soviet Embassy in Mexico City (actually, the exact distinction between LIMESA and LIMUST is not clear).
LIONIONPhotosurveillance project targeting Cuban Embassy in Mexico City. The purported failure of the LIONION installation to capture a picture of Lee Oswald in late September 1963 was a matter of concern and some disbelief in the HSCA's investigation.
LIONION-1Alberto Rodriguez Gallego, part of LIONION photography project targeting Cuban embassy.
LIPSTICKThis Mexico City-based project was an "umbrella type project...consisted of multiline phone taps, three photographic sites, a mobile surveillance team and a mail intercept operation." Under this project were LIMITED, LILYRIC, and LICALLA, LIEMBRACE, LIENTRAP, and possibly other projects. Renamed LIEMPTY.
LIRAVINEMid-1960s project "for the purpose of consolidating into one administrative group a number of active Cuban informants," including LIOLEO-1, LISICLE-1, AMSEVER-2, AMPACA-1, and LICARD-1.
LIRICESurveillance project targeting the Communist Party in Mexico City. Some of its agents were arrested and their CIA case officer detained by the Mexican Security Service and subsequently allowed to leave the country. Originally named LIJERSEY.
LIRING-3Carlos Delmar Jurado. Reported a conversation in 1967 with Mexican Consulate worker Sylvia Duran, who had dealt with Oswald during his failed attempt to get a visa in Mexico City. LIRING-3 reported that Duran "admitted that she had sexual relations with him (Oswald) but insisted she had no ideas of his plans...".
LIROMANCE A CIA Mexico City Station audio surveillance operation; the listening device was installed inside the furniture in the Cuban embassy in Mexico City.
LITAMIL-1Manuel Machado Llosas [status: Probable]
LITAMIL-7Consuelo Esperon Perez, apparently employed as a secretary at the Cuban Embassy
LITAMIL-9Luis Albero Soeto, Cuban Cultural Attache in Mexico City, working as an double-agent for the CIA. According to one CIA document, LITAMIL-9 made photo identifications for the LIONION surveillance project. John Newman (apparently mistakenly) identified Alberu as LIRING-3 in ''Oswald and the CIA''.
LITEMPO-2Gustavo Diaz Ordaz, President of Mexico from 1964 to 1970. He was president in 1968 during the famous Tlatelcolco massacre. Diaz Ortiz was part of Mexico City station chief Win Scott's LITEMPO program.
LITEMPO-4Fernando Gutierrez Barrios, head of the Mexican secret police (DFS) from 1964 to 1970, and later held other Mexican government posts. Gutierrez Barrios was part of Mexico City station chief Win Scott's LITEMPO program.
LITEMPO-8Luis Echevarria Alvarez, Mexican Interior Minister in 1964 and President from 1970-76. Echevarria was part of Mexico City station chief Win Scott's LITEMPO program.


ODDepartments or agencies of the U.S. government.
ODACIDU.S. State Department.
ODALOEU.S. Secret Service.
ODBEATDefense Intelligence Agency. [status: Probable]
ODBOONU.S. Customs Agency.
ODEARLU.S. Department of Defense.
ODENVYFederal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).
ODFOAMU.S. Secret Service.
ODIBEXU.S. Army. [status: Probable]
ODUNITU.S. Air Force.
ODURGEU.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS)
ODYOKEUnited States government.


PBRelated to entire countries, or possibly countries in North America or Western Hemisphere. [status: Speculative]
PBHISTORY"Central Intelligence Agency project to gather and analyze documents from the Arbenz government in Guatemala that would incriminate Arbenz as a Communist."
PBPRIMEUnited States of America.
PBSUCCESSProject to overthrow Arbenz government in Guatemala in 1954.
PBSWINGU.S. Embassy or official installation.


QD??? [status: Unknown]
QDBIASPedro Diaz Lanz.
QDCHARMarcos Diaz Lanz, brother of Pedro Diaz Lanz.
QDDALEWilliam D. Pawley.


QK??? [status: Unknown]
QKENCHANT"Agency project used to provide security approvals on non-Agency personnel and facilities.....to discuss proposed projects, activities, and possible relationships."
QKFLOWAGEUnited States Information Agency.


WODivisions of the CIA itself (see also KU).
WOMACEDDO - Directorate of Operations (formerly Directorate of Plans).
WOMUSECIA CounterIntelligence staff.


ZR??? [status: Unknown]
ZRALERTUse of hypnotism by CounterIntelligence staff in "certain operational situations."
ZRCLIFFSouthern Air Transport, a CIA proprietary airline (?).
ZRKNICKIntercept operation against Cuban espionage agents in Miami by FBI, sharing results with CIA.
ZRMETALWashington, DC.
ZRRIFLE"Executive action" assassinations program set up in CIA in 1961 and run by Bill Harvey (other assassination programs preceded ZRRIFLE).


CITASTEDirector of Central Intelligence Allan Dulles
GYROSERouting indicator for Task Force WH/Cuba.
JKLANCECodename for the CIA, adopted by the Agency in about 1967 and borrowed from JFK's Secret Service code name LANCER, in the wake of charges made by New Orleans DA Jim Garrison and others of CIA involvement in the JFK assassination.
KUHOOKCIA Paramilitary Operations Staff
PASSAVOYCol. Wendell C. Johnson [status: Probable]
RYBAT"Slug" indicating extreme sensitivity (ARRB defined as "secret", but RYBAT often appears adjacent to "secret" which would seem redundant).
YOACREGuantanamo Naval Base. [status: Probable]

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