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Sources: Los Angeles Times, 7/7/68, 7/8/68 and 7/13/68
DOB: 12/20/46. Killed in a gun battle 6/30/68 in Meridian, Mississippi, while trying to bomb Jewish home with Mrs. Cathy (Ralph) Ainsworth. Reared in Mobile. Arrested 6/11/64 with Robert M. Smith, 39, Mobile, leader of National Sates Rights Party, for having sawed-off shotgun. Smith charged with having moonshine. Arrested 12/21/67 with Klan wizard Sam Bowers, 43, in Collins, Miss., in stolen car from Memphis. Tarrants had submachine gun. Former lived in Miami (before 1964) and friends of Mrs. Capomacchia. Associated with Sidney Crockett Barnes, 63, Mobile house painter and anti-semite. Barnes 'gave' Mrs. Ainsworth in marriage and said 'Tarrants' was like a son. Memo that Tarrants had 'guns underground' 3/23/68. Christian Nationalist Crusade, P.O. Box 27895, L.A., led by Gerald L. K. Smith.

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Tommy Tarrants
by lacenaire on Fri, Dec 28, 2012, 6:54 AM GMT (#2023)
Of course, Tarrants survived the ambush and did not die in 1968. He currently serves as Vice President of Ministry for the C.S. Lewis Institute.

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