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Record: PAPICH, SAM J.
Sources: CIA 34-538, p. 2; CIA 99-41; CIA 182-621; CIA 244-658; CIA 246-660; CIA 287-690; CIA 362-146; CIA 547-808 (MMF 1985-1986); CIA 562-811 (MMF 2022-2023); CIA 1248-1009/507; CIA 1531-1103A (re-released as JFK 104-10015-10236, Lifton's pp. 138-140); CIA Box 3, Vol 1, [MMF 669] (same as CIA 182-621)Interim; Report on Assassinations, pp. 104, 126 ftnote; CIA Box 6, Folder 5, Doc 02792, Dup of 102-574 (MMF 512), re-released as CIA JFK 104-10015-10130, Lifton's pp. 79-87; CIA Box 7, Folder 7, Doc 03301 (MMF 184); SSCIA 157-10005-10068 (MMF 1824-1829); SSCIA 157-10002-10152 (MMF 1830-1852)
FBI liaison with the CIA. 11/22/63 Papich was furnished info on photo coverage of Soviet and Cuban Embassies in Mexico City and info on Kostikov. On Nov 23, 1963, he was notified that voice comparisons had been made and it was "indicated" that the speaker was OSWALD. On 5/29/75 he was interviewed by John Elliff, Mike Epstein, John Bayly and Burt Wides for the SSCIA (MMF 1830-1852). On 8/22/75 he was interviewed about assassination plots by Andrew Postal for the SSCIA. (MMF 1824-1829)

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