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Sources: HSCA, Vol. IV (28, 100,243-4, 288); HSCA, Vol. XII (571-644) (referred to as Mr. "DC" = Deputy Chief Soviet Bloc); CIA 33-537; CIA 34-538; CIA 41-15 (re-released as JFK 104-10015-10319, Lifton's pp. 311-313); CIA 42-16 (re-released as JFK 104-10015-10318, Lifton's pp. 308-310); CIA 50-21 (re-released as JFK 104-10015-10329, Lifton's pp. 344-346); CIA 58-549; CIA 71-32; CIA 78-559 (re-released as JFK 104-10015-10273, Lifton's pp. 193-197); CIA Box 6, Folder 5, Doc 02789 (MMF 506); SSCIA 157-10011-10102, p. 2 (MMF 1751); CIA 256-98 (re-released as JFK 104-10015-10252, Lifton's pp. 147-149); Inside The Company, Agee (486, 487, 603); Plot to Kill the President, Blakey & Billings (130); Inquiry Magazine, 10/15/79 (14-5); co-author of The KGB Masters of the Soviet Union
Chief, SR/CI wrote very interesting memo 11/23/63. Earned his doctorate in Switzerland; then joined the CIA. CIA Deputy Chief of Soviet Bloc; later Chief of Station in Brussels. After 1972 "based in Europe as a private business consultant." CIA 256-98 (Lifton's p. 149) signed "T. H. Bagley for Desmond Fitzgerald."

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