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3 Top Nixon Aides, Kleindienst Out; President Accepts Full Responsibility; Richardson Will Conduct New Probe     Stern, Laurence and Johnson, Haynes     Washington Post
5 Held in Plot to Bug Democrats' Office Here     Lewis, Alfred E.     Washington Post
Bob Woodward     Pease, Lisa     CTKA
The Break-In That History Forgot     Krogh, Egil     New York Times
Bug Suspect Got Campaign Funds     Bernstein, Carl and Woodward, Bob     Washington Post
The Day Nixon Was Gone     Jacobs, Ron     CounterPunch
Deep Throat 3.0     Gaines, William and Holland, Max     Washington Decoded
Did Nixon Try to Assassinate a Reporter?     Corn, David     Mother Jones
Did the Press Uncover Watergate?     Epstein, Edward Jay     edwardjayepstein.com
FBI Finds Nixon Aides Sabotaged Democrats     Bernstein, Carl and Woodward, Bob     Washington Post
FBI's No. 2 Was 'Deep Throat'     Drehle, David Von     Washington Post
GOP Security Aide Among Five Arrested in Bugging Affair     Woodward, Bob and Bernstein, Carl     Washington Post
"He Was a Crook"     Thompson, Hunter S.     CounterPunch
Historians debate Watergate Tapes     Cohen, Patricia     The New York TImes
"I'm the Guy They Called Deep Throat"     O'Connor, John D.     Vanity Fair
Last Two Guilty in Watergate Plot     Meyer, Lawrence     Washington Post
Mission Impossible     Martinez, Eugenio     watergate.info
Mitchell Controlled Secret GOP Fund     Bernstein, Carl and Woodward, Bob     Washington Post
The Moorer-Radford Spy Ring: "Seven Days in December"     Colodny, Len and Shachtman, Tom     The Nixon Era Times
Much Ado About Haldeman     Time     Time Magazine
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