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Title     Author     Publisher
After 45 Years, A Civil Rights Hero Waits for Justice     Hartmann, Thom     Huffington Post
Blowing Smoke From the Grave: E. Howard Hunt and the JFK Assassination     Fulsom, Don     Crime Magazine
David Ferrie: Presumed Guilty - Garrison's Villain and Hollywood's Clown     Reitzes, Dave     JFK Online
Dead Spy's JFK Files Pose a Test for Obama's FOIA Order     Jefferson Morley     OEN
Did He Know JFK to Die?     Wilkes, Donald E. Jr.     University of Georgia Law
Did Silvia Odio Lie?     Reitzes, Dave     Kennedy Assassination Home Page
The Enigma of Ruth and Michael Paine     Kelin, John     Fair Play
The Four Faces of Harry D Holmes     Griggs, Ian     JFK Lancer
From Grimsby with Love     Ecker, Ronald L.     Articles by Ronald L. Ecker
The Good Spy     Morley, Jefferson     Washington Monthly
Gunrunner Ruby and the CIA     Pease, Lisa     Probe
In Defense of Jack Ruby: Was Lee Harvey Oswald's killer part of a conspiracy?     Reitzes, Dave     JFK Online
Introduction to Dick Russell's "The Man Who Knew Too Much"     Hulme, Lachy     Dick Russell
Is James Files Telling the Truth?     Dankbaar, Wim     JFK Murder Solved
Jack Ruby     McAdams, John     The Kennedy Assassination Home Page
Jack Ruby's Dog     Ecker, Ronald L.     Articles by Ronald L. Ecker
James Phelan     DiEugenio, James     Probe
JFK Murder Plot "Deathbed Confession" Aired on National Radio     Watson, Paul Joseph     Prison Planet
Joseph Milteer: Miami Prophet, or Quitman Crackpot?     McAdams, John     The Kennedy Assassination Home Page
The Last Confessions of E. Howard Hunt     Hedegaard, Erik     Rolling Stone
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