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HSCA Segregated CIA Collection (microfilm - reel 25: Garrison, Agrupacion Montecristi - DRE)

Reel 25 of a microfilmed set of CIA documents to which the House Select Committee on Assassinations had access.

Subjects: Garrison Investigation, Agrupacion Montecristi, Alpha 66, Anti-Communist International Brigade, Comandos Authenticos - Carlos Prio Socarras, Cuban Revolutionary Council, DRE.
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  201.Reel 25, Folder A - CONTROL DOCUMENTS.
RIF#: 1994.05.06.08:39:07:310005   (1/17/1980)   CIA#: 80T01357A
RIF#: 104-10170-10126   (01/21/80)   CIA#: 80T01357A
  203.Reel 25, Folder Z - CONTROL DOCUMENTS.
RIF#: 1994.05.06.09:41:28:810005   (1/21/1980)   CIA#: 80T01357A
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