ARRB Medical Exhibits

The ARRB Master Set of Medical Exhibits brings together in one place much of the most important medical testimony and documents in the JFK assassination. These selection of documents is due to their use as exhibits during the questioning of medical witnesses by the Review Board in 1996 through 1998.

Other medical materials of interest include Volume VII of the HSCA Report Appendices, a chapter of Volume VI dealing with autopsy photograph authenticity, and the transcript of Dr. Pierre Finck's testimony at the trial of Clay Shaw.

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  101.ARRB MD 104 - Letter from David G. Marwell (Executive Director, ARRB) to Dr. Pierre A. Finck of December 19, 1995
  102.ARRB MD 105 - Letter from David G. Marwell (Executive Director, ARRB) to Dr. Pierre A. Finck of March 4, 1996
  103.ARRB MD 106 - Letter from David G. Matwell (Executive Director, ARRB) to Dr. Pierre A. Finck of April 19, 1996 Confirming Date and Location of ARRB Deposition
  104.ARRB MD 107 - Letter from David G. Marwell to John T. Stringer, Jr. dated May 17, 1996
  105.ARRB MD 108 - Letter from David G. Marwell to John T. Stringer, Jr. dated June 26, 1996
  106.ARRB MD 109 - 1 Page Letter from James J. Rowley (Chief, Secret Service) to Robert H. Bahmer (Archivist of t&United States) dated October 2, 1967 Transferring Original Documents Related to President K
  107.ARRB MD 110 - 2 Page Letter from Thomas Kelley (Assistant Director, U.S. Secret Service) to James B. Rhoads (Archivist of the United States) dated November 3, 1969, Transferring Various Documents Rela
  108.ARRB MD 111 - 2 Page Document Titled: "Inspection of Materials Relating to the Autopsy of President John F. Kennedy, The National Archives," signed on Various Dates in November, 1966 by Robert Bahme
  109.ARRB MD 112 - Deed-of-Gift Letter from Burke Marshall (Kennedy Family Attorney) to Lawson B. Knott, Jr. (Administrator of General Services) dated October 29,1966
  110.ARRB MD 113 - Memorandum for File dated February 13, 1969 (Regarding Kennedy Family Deed-of-Gift and It's Execution) Written by Thomas J. Kelley (Assistant Director, USSS)
  111.ARRB MD 114 - 4 Page Letter from Trudy H. Peterson (NARA) to G. Robert Blakey (HSCA Chief Counsel) dated September 6, 1977, Containing NARA Responses to 7 HSCA Questions
  112.ARRB MD 116 - Letter from Representative Earle Cabell (Member of Congress) to Nicholas deB. Katzenbach (Attorney General of the United States) dated September 13,1965
  113.ARRB MD 117 - Memorandum from Joseph P. Gawler dated March 19,1964 Describing Pickup of the Dallas Bronze Casket (Which Had Carried President Kennedy) from Gawler's by Mr. Lewis M. Robeson (Chief Secu
  114.ARRB MD 118 - 2 Page Memorandum from Archivist of the United States, to Assistant Administrator of GSA (Subj: Status of Warren Commission Records, Including Autopsy Materials), dated January 24, 1967
  115.ARRB MD 119 - Unsigned, Typed Secret Service Receipt (#CO-2-34030) dated November 26,1963 made out by Robert I. Bouck of PRS on Treasury Department Letterhead for 12 different items of Medical Evidenc
  116.ARRB MD 120 - U.S. Government Memorandum dated April 26, 1965 from SAIC Bouck to Chief, USSS regarding the Inventory and Transfer of JFK Autopsy Materials from USSS Custody to the Custody of Evelyn Li
  117.ARRB MD 121 - U.S. Government Memorandum dated February 16,1967 from SAIC Towns to Assistant Director Kelley (USSS) which forwards a Memorandum from SA James K. Fox dated February 16,1967 regarding th
  118.ARRB MD 122 - USSS Letter dated February 23,1967 from Chief James J. Rowley to Assistant Attorney General Barefoot Sanders which forwards 4-page typewritten joint statement concerning chain-of-...
  119.ARRB MD 123 - HSCA Memorandum (# 002237) from Jim Kelley and Andy Purdy, dated September 6, 1977, to Ken Klein, Subj: Interview with Robert I. Bouck
  120.ARRB MD 124 - HSCA OCR (#010574) dated 8/7/78, prepared by Andy Purdy, concerning telephone call with James K. Fox
  121.ARRB MD 125 - HSCA OCR (# 010932) dated 8-18-78, prepared by Andy Purdy, concerning telephone call with Robert I. Bouck
  122.ARRBMD 126 - Memorandum from Mr. Robert Jordan III (Treasury Department) to Mr. Burrill Peterson (USSS), dated June 14, 1966, concerning Strategy for Responding to Inquiries Concerning Autopsy Films
  123.ARRB MD 127 - HSCA Interview Report (#014467) dated May 8,1978, prepared by Andy Purdy, concerning results of Interview of Harold F. Reis, former Executive Assistant to Attorney General Robert F. Kenn
  124.ARRB MD 128 - HSCA Interview Report (#009823) dated July 5, 1978, prepared by Andy Purdy, concerning results of Interview of Mrs. Evelyn Lincoln
  125.ARRB MD 129 - Gawler's Funeral Home "First Call Sheet" which records events of November 22-23,1963
  126.ARRB MD 130 - Gawler's "Arrangements File" which records arrangements for President John F. Kennedy's Funeral
  127.ARRB MD 131 - Coffin Card (Made Out by Texas Coffin Company) found inside Dallas Bronze Casket by Gawler's Personnel Subsequent to Funeral of President John F. Kennedy
  128.ARRB MD 132 - Telephone Call Notice prepared by Gawler's Funeral Home secretary for Joe Hagan on 4-16-64 (which relays Mr. Dave Powers' "O.K." to speak with William Manchester); also attached is a h
  129.ARRB MD 133 - Washington Post newspaper article dated February 27, 1965 titled:"Dallas Mortician for JFK Paid $3,495.00"--article is about payment for Dallas Bronze Casket
  130.ARRB MD 134 - Gawler's after-action report titled: "Funeral Arrangements for John Fitzgerald Kennedy"--events of November 22,23,24, and 25 are recounted.
  131.ARRB MD 135 - Transcript of August 11, 1978 HSCA Deposition of Robert L. Knudsen
  132.ARRB MD 136 - Affidavit of Marion M. Johnson dated November 27,1978 concerning JFK autopsy photographs and x-rays
  133.ARRB MD 137 - Letter from Douglas I@ . Home of ARRB to Mr. Floyd A. Riebe, dated April 23,1997
  134.ARRB MD 138 - Letter from Commanding Officer, U. S. Naval Medical School (CAPT Stover) to HM2 Floyd A. Riebe, dated November 26, 1963, and Receipted for by Floyd A. Riebe on November 27, 1963
  135.ARRB MD 139 - Letter from G. Robert Blakey, Chief Counsel and Director, HSCA, to Mr. Floyd A. Riebe, dated March 10, 1978
  136.ARRB MD 140 - Letter from Vice Admiral W. P. Arentzen, MC, USN (Navy Surgeon General) to Mr. Floyd Albert Riebe, dated March 13, 1978, and accompanying envelopes and return receipt post card indicatin
  137.ARRB MD 141 - HSCA Interview Report (#014464) prepared by Mark Flanagan, transcribed May 12, 1978, recounting results of Telephonic Interview of Mr. Floyd A. Riebe on 4/30/78
  138.ARRB MD 142 - [FIRST PAGE ONLY] Transcript Prepared by Researcher David S. Lifton following his 11/26/79 Recorded Telephonic Interview of Floyd A. Riebe
  139.ARRB MD 143 - Newspaper Article from Vero Beach, Florida Press Journal written by Craig Colgan, titled: "Body of Evidence: Local Photographer Recalls JFK Autopsy"
  140.ARRB MD 144 - Navy EDVR (Enlisted Distribution and Verification Report) for Naval Photographic Center (NPC) Anacostia, for period ending 30 September 1963
  141.ARRB MD 145 - Enlisted Performance Evaluation for PH1 Saundra Kay Spencer, for Reporting Period 17 Nov 62 -16 May 63
  142.ARRB MD 146 - Prayer Cards (i.e., Photographic Renderings of President Kennedy's Image) Prepared by Naval Photographic Center the Weekend Prior to President Kennedy's Funeral [Exhibit Provided by Saun
  143.ARRB MD 147 - Color 8" X 1O" Photographic Print of President Kennedy with a Member of the Black Watch--Printed at NPC, Anacostia [Exhibit Provided by Saundra Spencer] [Original at National Archives
  144.ARRB MD 148 - Drawing of Wound in President Kennedy's Skull As Depicted in Photograph of the Back of President Kennedy's Head [Executed by Saundra Spencer, on June 5,1997, based upon her recollection
  145.ARRB MD 149 - FBI Teletype To: Director and SAC, Dallas From: SAC, Baltimore (dated November 23, 1963) Summarizing Basic Autopsy Conclusions As Relayed by Two BUAGENTS Who Witnessed Autopsy
  146.ARRB MD 150 - FBI Internal Memorandum To: Mr. Belmont From: A. Rosen (dated 11/26/63), Recommending that FBI Not Request Autopsy Photos and X-Rays from U.S. Secret Service
  147.ARRB MD 151 - AIRTEL To: Director, FBI From: SAC, Baltimore (dated 11/26/63) Forwarding FD-302 Reports Prepared by SA Sibert and SA O'Neill on President Kennedy's Autopsy on 11/22/63, and Investigativ
  148.ARRB MD 152 - FBI Internal Memorandum To: Mr. Belmont From: A. Rosen (dated November 29,1963) Forwarding FD-302 Reports Prepared by SA Sibert and SA O'Neill on 11/27/63 Interviews of USSS Agents ASAIC
  149.ARRB MD 153 - FBI Internal Memorandum To: Mr. Belmont From: A. Rosen (dated 3/12/64) Summarizing, in Q and A Format, An Interview that Same Date of BUAGENTS Sibert and O'Neill by Commission Staff Memb
  150.ARRB MD 154 - Warren Commission Staff Memo To: Mr. J. Lee Rankin From: Arlen Specter (dated March 12, 1964) Summarizing Interview of Same Date with FBI Agents Present at Autopsy
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