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Fair Points by Josiah Thompson?
by nelrow on Fri, Aug 17, 2007, 9:02 PM GMT (#1659)
Comment on document: Bedrock Evidence in the Kennedy Assassination
I'm not sure that all those points Thompson enlists were fair. What mostly comes across is a strident and partizan ad hominem against Fetzer. Nor is it conclusively demonstrated that the entirety of the arguments presented in Fetzer's books (Assassination Science & Murder in Dealey Plaza for example) have been refuted. Yet this is what Thompson suggests. There are some good points raised by Thompson's proxy expert. But there are still questions about the Zapruder film that are not addressed in the Thompson article. What is the provenance of the brass coloured blob obscuring Kennedy's face in z-335? Has the First Lady's face been the subject of re-touching in the same frame and if so, why? Have all the possible frame excissions been explained in Thompson's article or has just one been explained? Is the apparent discepancy in the actions of SA Hill depicted in Nix and in Zapruder sufficiently accounted for by the suggestion that SA Greer feathered the accelerator at the moment Hill mounts the back of the Lincoln? Or is this an example of missing Zapruder frames? Although Thompson's article is strongly reasoned in parts, in my view it is not nearly enough to restore the Zapruder film to a position of 'bedrock' evidence. Like other key aspects of this case such as the vehicle, and the victim's body the Zapruder film was subject to horrendous chain of custody problems right from the outset. Homer McMahon, an employee of the National Photographic Interpretation Centre viewed the camera originals of Zapruder's film within 24 hours of the assassination. After viewing the film ten times he is on the record (having been interviewed by Douglas Horne) that Kennedy was hit from six to eight times! It is difficult to reconcile that expert opinion with the Zapruder film that we are familiar with.
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