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What about the photographic evidence of the limo???
by limolover75 on Mon, Oct 29, 2007, 4:27 PM GMT (#1678)
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I was wondering if anyone has done a real analysis of the photgraphic evidence the Warren Commission used of the limo??? I am a HUGE self-proclaimed "Presidential Vehicle Nut" and an avid researcher of the USSS and primarily its vehicles. One of the FIRST things I noticed is that the Warren Commission used the wrong car to do its measurements and investigations. When they did use the 1961 Lincoln Convertible WC Doc. 88, though it was just a regular car not the limo) the shots don't line up to hit Connally AT ALL. I was wondering if there would be any assistance for someone like me to investigate that aspect of the evidence and some help drawing up the REAL truth through these measurements and this evidence. Thanks... LOVE THIS SITE!!! Jeremy S. Larkins Cunningham, KY
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