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by Weatherman on Mon, Nov 30, 2009, 3:04 AM GMT (#1820)
Comment on Site Section: JFK Assassination
I don't assume to be an expert on Kennedy's assassination. Have always felt the "fix was in." I was ten years old at the time of JFK's assassination and have been interested in and studied it, ever since. There are just to many inconsistencies in the Warren Commission's "official" version of what took place. Have always felt Oswald was exactly what he said he was, when he said: "I'm just a patsy."
JFK Assassination
by Weatherman on Wed, Nov 25, 2009, 3:48 AM GMT (#1811)
Comment on Site Section: JFK Assassination
HOLLYWOOD, being Italian-American and growing up hearing stories about the Mafia (at one time, a second cousin was the number two man in the New York Mafia) have always believed it was the so-called "Mob" that killed JFK. Kennedy was set to normalize relations with Cuba's Fidel Castro. If that would have happened, the casinos in that country would have been closed. Castro had allowed the casinos to continue operating under his regime. This, by no means, was out of the goodness of his heart. Castro received a "kickback" for allowing the casinos to stay and operate as they had before. Have never believed LBJ had anything to do with it. Heard it once said Johnson didn't have the intellectual curiosity it would have taken to be involved in a conspiracy of the sort which the Kennedy assassination required.
Kennedy assassination
by Weatherman on Wed, Nov 4, 2009, 12:07 PM GMT (#1803)
Comment on Site Section: JFK Assassination
There are just too many inconsistencies in all the official investigations of JFK's murder. One glaring fact is Oswald was not a good shot. The following is a direct quote from another web site: "Even after weeks of practice and intensive training, he barely managed to qualify at the level of "Sharpshooter," the middle of three qualifications in the Marines. He obtained a score of 212, two points above the minimum for the "Sharpshooter" level. In other words, even after extensive training and practice, and even though he was firing at stationary targets with a semi-automatic rifle and had plenty of time to shoot (even during the so-called "rapid-fire" phase), Oswald narrowly missed scoring at the lowest possible qualification level. The next time Oswald fired for record in the Marines, he barely managed to qualify at all, obtaining a score of 191, which was one point above the minimum needed for the lowest qualification level, "Marksman." To put it another way, he came within two points of failing to qualify." (the following is my comment): It's interesting to note that even though he barely qualified with a semi-automatic rifle firing at non-moving targets, Oswald was able to fire three shots at a moving target and obtain two hits (either of which would have been fatal) in a matter of seconds with a bolt-action rifle. Anyone who believes this, probably believes Santa Claus lives at the North Pole, the tooth fairy is real and the Easter Bunny delivers eggs on Easter.
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