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The Secret Service and JFK's throat wound
by ScaryTruth on Fri, Apr 5, 2013, 6:10 AM GMT (#2025)
Comment on Site Section: Warren Commission Document Photos: Secret Service Reenactment Photos, p1
In addressing the throat wound to JFK, I understand that in their December 1963 reenactment, the Secret Service, first, had the shot to JFK's throat occur while the presidential limo was approaching the Texas School Book Depository, while still on Houston Street. When that wouldn't work for a variety of reasons, and the limo made the left hand turn onto Elm Street, (moving away from the TSBD), the managers then had the president's stand-in to turn nearly completely around in the car so that the throat wound could still be attributed to a shot fired from the depository. Naturally, all of this became a non-issue when the throat wound was deemed to be a bullet's exit point, where it went on to inflict five more wounds to Governor John Connally. Quite a 'magic bullet' indeed, emerging in near-pristine condition, later discovered on a stretcher that was supposedly used to bring the governor into the emergency room at Parkland Hospital. It's interesting to note that both men involved in the discovery of the bullet refused to identify a bullet later presented by the Warren Commission, explaining that it's characteristics were starkly different from the one that they found. MRM
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