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This is it...
by JTJFK on Fri, May 12, 2006, 12:58 PM GMT (#1406)
Comment on document: Blood, Money, & Power: How LBJ Killed JFK
Finally....ok...except for the theorizing that Oswald was a part of it, I can get along with everything else McClellan has to say. I was a "beltway kid" when JFK was murdered andit didn't take a genius to figure out that Johnson had plenty to do with it. When I saw the "shutdown" of the information pipeline just inside D.C. I knew that the LBJ years had started. Many folks knew just what a rabid dog Johnson was and just stayed out of his way, and the rest played his game, their pensions in jeopardy if they didn't. I'm getting more info on Malcolm Wallace in this as well. One of the features of this particular "new" revelation is that it, too, backs up against the "critics" who feel that "evidence" is lacking. Does the fact that Oswald passed his parafin test mean anything in "evidence"? Does the finding of "semi auto" shells at the Tippit murder scene mean anything when Oswald owned a revolver? He was exonerated from the beginning but Johnson ordered the ram-through of the "evidence" from the minute he got onto Air Force One. There isn't a doubt in my mind. LBJ, Ed Clark...Malcolm Wallace.
Close...real close
by JTJFK on Sat, Apr 22, 2006, 8:47 PM GMT (#1403)
Comment on document: Appointment in Dallas: the Final Solution to the Assassination of JFK
I believe that McDonald found a valid link to the assassination but "Saul" apparently wanted all the credit for himself and still leaned on the limp theme of Oswald being there in the window. I personally can't get along with it although I believe that "Saul" was there, among many who pulled triggers. It is, unfortunately, not the final solution. There were a minimum of four shooters of which two, at least, are still alive. Meanwhile, we press on. It's a good read and close to the full story...but...not all of it. More still to come.
Other visitors to Russia...
by JTJFK on Wed, Apr 19, 2006, 8:42 PM GMT (#1402)
Comment on Site Section: NARA Evidence Photos: Magic Bullet
in response to jeffyd1000...Oswald was one of 15 "defectors" (you don't "defect" TO Russia, you defect FROM Russia...but no one ever got that, not even the most resposible journalist) in that same year, and one of three in the same week. I wish I could supply the names and dates but they are hard to come by. More later on that. It is a bit strange that Walter Kronkite would be commenting on something so remote as Oswald in 1959...I mean, who cared about him in 1959 except his mother?
The Bullet
by JTJFK on Wed, Mar 29, 2006, 4:59 PM GMT (#1396)
Comment on Site Section: NARA Evidence Photos: Magic Bullet
It didn't go through anyone...not that one. And Posner claims that he got one out of another wrist of a cadaver in even better proof, as he says, of how the Commission was correct. Give me a break. This is flat out the worst investigation I have ever seen, although I probably would be astonished at others that I haven't seen. Oswald passed his parafin test and therefore had not fired a rifle that day or a pistol. No matter, since the killing was set up months before Nov 22, Oswald would be nailed from the get-go. He was, as we all have known from the beginning, an FBI\CIA informer who got caught up in the conspiracy.
The "thing" was to keep Mother Oswald quiet...
by JTJFK on Tue, Feb 28, 2006, 2:36 PM GMT (#1385)
Comment on document: A Mother In History
The author of this very short, 121 pages, book on Marguerite Oswald clearly had nothing more than contempt for her and wrote as little as possible of the real woman. This is a woman who had just had a son accused of killing the President of the US and then murdered right in front of her and pronounced guilty and vilified before the world, even as she knew he was being trained as an agent but managed to continue her life. Her defense of her son was unacceptable to the authorities inasmuch as it was accompanied by her very strong personality and her drive to have all her questions answered. One was: Where did those photos come from? Marina was terribly cooperative and told the FBI what they wanted to hear, Mother Oswald not at all, she pronouncing the backyard shots "fakes". The author maintains through her silent vigil of having been forced to interview her that Marg Oswald was even crazier than her son, only trouble was she really couldn't get enough to have her put away on the spot. I believe Mother Oswald, an obviously intelligent and quick spirited woman with a great deal of knowledge of her son and her daughter in law...too bad she's dead, I'd go back and get plenty more from her. Quite relevant that the investigators weren't interested in speaking to her, WC only took cursory notes, passed on anything else.
Must read...
by JTJFK on Thu, Jan 5, 2006, 2:55 PM GMT (#1360)
Comment on document: The Assassination Chain
A little known book of absolute brilliance...Leek and Sugar put all combinations together and come up with everything in a single volume. We're almost there folks!!
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