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A question for experts
by FERRELLNOTMARY on Mon, Nov 23, 2009, 3:21 AM GMT (#1809)
Comment on document page: Commission Document 81.1 - AG Texas, Pg 240
Hello Everyone, I am stumped and request your input. In the "backyard" photos, the shadows extending from Oswald's figure and from other objects, appear too long for the time of day, for that time of year and at that latitude. At least, that's how it seems to me. It is supposed to be about noon on the last Sunday in March or in early April. The shadows should be considerably shorter. Is anyone aware of the direction the house faces? Does the backyard face south? I haven't been able to find pictures which show the entire residence. I have found the front and side views on Google. The "backyard" photos don't reveal the entire back of the house. In the test picture the shadows fall with the sun shining from the right side.
truth in the shadows
by FERRELLNOTMARY on Sun, Aug 2, 2009, 7:45 AM GMT (#1769)
Comment on Site Section: JFK Assassination
the sun doesn't leave long, steep shadows around the noon hour at the end of march in dallas. does it marina? shadows streak across surfaces in lines and planes of discord and betray an overcast sky that final sunday, don't they marina? you say he innocent, now. couldn't possibly be lee oswald, if you look at facts, all facts. facts are you don't remember wearing red dress at Dance, when meet lee harvey. not ladies at store, gas station. not remember telling lee you would not marry if he go back to America. not remember rifle. afraid lee not love you. but not be his wife, when ask you to come to dallas, he find apartment. marina not remember don't speak english when excited. She speaks very good English, in fact, when she forgets she can't and says what's really on her mind. don't she?
Rubys intent
by FERRELLNOTMARY on Sun, Apr 26, 2009, 11:53 PM GMT (#1758)
Comment on Site Section: The Case Against Oswald
Ruby told the cops he would have murdered Oswald Friday night during his brief appearance before the press, but he was afraid of hurting one of them. Odd. He could have harmed one of them in the basement on Sunday morning, too, but he took that risk. He claimed he murdered Oswald on a whim, without premeditation, on the 24th.
by FERRELLNOTMARY on Sat, Mar 28, 2009, 10:12 PM GMT (#1754)
Comment on Site Section: HSCA Public Hearings Exhibits, p2
George Costanza races out of the bathroom with his pants down around his ankles, trying to get Kramer to hand him the phone before he blows his cover as a latex salesman working out of Seinfeld's apartment. He is holding onto a magazine as he trips and falls to the floor. He spills the magazine which winds up between the couch Kramer's sitting on and him. George buries his face in the floor as he realizes the jig is up. The next shot of George, from the opposite direction, shows the magazine on his other side. Apparently, the crew forgot which side it was on when they reset the scene for the next take. The angle of the break in Connally's radius is backwards, too. This large crack appears to run in the same path as the bullet that passed through his chest and penetrated his left thigh. That impression comes from an x-ray which cuts out his right thumb. If a bullet created that crack, and it cleared bone to create it on its way through it, it didn't come from behind.
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