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Alteration of the Kennedy Body
by DrTH on Sun, Nov 21, 2010, 6:27 AM GMT (#1902)
Comment on document page: The Third Decade, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pg 15
I just finished Lifton's "Best Evidence," and--I must say--I find his arguments convincing, as they appear to be based on sound investigative work. One of my questions, is.."Was the body ever at Walter Reed Hospial?" I have read a transcript of radio communication around the time of the arrival of the body, which mentions a autopsy at Walter Reed. Re the Rose article, "The Body Switch," I want to know if the body was transported to a mortuary. We have heard little about this, but I seem to remember testimony by a mortician about some wounds being covered with "mortician wax." Where was this done? If it was done at the mortuary, this might have been a better place to accomplish the casket switch than Parkland Hospital. I, incidentally, disagree with Rose about the idea that pallbears would detect an empty casket. Some coffins\caskets are very heavy to start with, and the absence of a body might well have been missed. Once this was done, the body may well have been transported in a separate plane, which would negate the need for explaining where the body could have been concealed aboard Air Force One (or Two). On the other hand, as the body was found in a common "body-bag" upon arrival at the Bethesda morgue (and the body seemed to have been mishandled), perhaps the body traveled in the cargo hold of the plane, then was transferred to a cheap transport upon arrival back near Washington. Regardless, it is highly likely that the body was altered before the official autopsy was initiated at Bethesda, in some high-handed game-playing. Talk about a hidden agenda and obstruction of justice!!
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