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James Douglass
by Anonymous on Wed, Apr 24, 2013, 5:40 PM GMT (#2027)
Comment on document: A Letter to the American People (and Myself in Particular) on the Unspeakable
Thank you for saying what you said, it said so well what many of us have suspected in our own hearts but did not have the skill to say the way you did here......
CI staff concerns itself with redefectors
by Anonymous on Wed, Mar 31, 2010, 2:17 AM GMT (#1862)
This note from C\SR\CI\R Lee Wigren to C\SR David Murphy: "CI staff apparently concerns itself with redefectors from the Bloc. Should there not be a central spot within SR division to keep track of defectors (at least US citizens) to the USSR?" Lee. DEM: (Assuming I'm right, this is David E. Murphy, C\SR, responding to Lee Wigren) "See Rocca. Overall job is CIA staff's. Agree SR\CI\R should have shadow files on defectors to SU." As I see it, Wigren is saying that Oswald was CI's boy to focus on, as a redefector from the (Soviet) Bloc, with a highlight on redefector. To my mind, that's either an admission that CI tracked Oswald after he returned to the US, or that they should have been. A little more credence that LHO was being used by the CIA in some way.
NSA Assassination Documents
by Anonymous on Sun, Jan 3, 2010, 10:47 PM GMT (#1835)
Comment on document: Castro and the Kennedy Assassination
Documents release by the NSA also contain an intercept from March 25, 1963. This intercept from station "USA 66" stated "kill Kennedy and sister". It was enough to cause the NSA to alert the Pentagon and CIA. From what I've pieced together, USA 66 was a station monitoring Cuba. No other station in the area recorded this intercept. On November 27,1963 the Air Force Security Command sent a cable to NSA reminding them of the March 25, 1963 intercept and suggesting NSA research their records for any connection with slaying of President Kennedy. It is interesting to note that on March 4,1963 the CIA's Special Affairs Staff \ Counter Intelligence section sent a message to Miami JMWAVE station and headquarter Records section to open a file titled "Plots to Assassinate the President of the United States" (see CIA LA Division record number 104-10506-10019)
by Anonymous on Mon, Oct 26, 2009, 6:49 AM GMT (#1799)
Comment on Site Section: JFK Assassination
Bob Blakey is one of us. Bobby Kennedy and LBJ, Dr. Wecht, Ollie Stone and a host of eyewitnesses are among our honored members. The CE Exhibit 399 did not cause all the wounds ascribed to it, IMHO. It doesn't make sense. What was Lee's motive? Have your read Marina's testimony? BTW, Marina, proclaiming to the world on Oprah that you have become convinced that Lee was totally innocent, would you clear up any inconsistencies you know of as best you can?
Other Assassination Plots
by Anonymous on Sat, Oct 17, 2009, 2:04 AM GMT (#1793)
Comment on Site Section: JFK Assassination
Found in other plots to assassinate JFK. LA Divison files have plot by Cuban official in 1962 NSA documents have plot to assassiate JFK and sister during visit to Florida in March 1963. No of these have been reported on by anybody
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