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JFK Assassination
by HOLLYWOOD on Tue, Nov 10, 2009, 4:03 AM GMT (#1805)
Comment on Site Section: JFK Assassination
Despite the fact that most Americans believe there was a conspiracy in the assassination of President Kennedy, regardless of whether Oswald was involved or not. Many of those same Americans are really not interested in learning the truth, rather they are frightened of learning the truth. They just can't handle the fact that one president could kill another. That Kennedy could be taken out as a straight business decision by the military-industrial complex. That a bunch of generals and CIA types, could want him dead out of a perverted sense of patriotism. Those things can happen elesewhere, but not here in the good old USA. We may have plenty of scandals -ala Watergate and Iran-Contra, but a planned assassination? Thats why the cover-up aka the Warren Report, has worked so well all these years. It offers comfort -an official closure to that dreadful day. The nation was spared the sordid details of a trial for Oswald when he was swiftly executed on live-TV. And as Walter (Mr.Believable) Cronkite told us everything we wanted to know or rather should know about it and he believed it, even until his death, just like every president since. The fact is- if America admits that Kennedy was taken out by LBJ and for his opposition to the Vietnam War and for stopping all those contractors from making a real financial killing -then it would be like being told that your parents are not really your parents. It tears out your whole foundation and sense of values. So in denial, America can continue to "Have a nice day" and put on blinders to all the bad things that have happened since. If it worked so well one time... Thats why America has to wake-up to the truth and confront the issue head-on. Not just from a crimal justice standpoint, but for the dignity and soul of a nation that is supposed to be based on truth and the American way. Not even Superman though, can put America back on the right track until it decides to address the JFK Assassination as what it is -the greatest unsolved homicide in history! And a homicide that still continues to bleed all over us today.

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