Muchmore Film
by rcleaver on Fri, Aug 15, 2008, 2:08 PM GMT (#1723)
Comment on Site Section: Video Clips - Motorcade Films
In the 3rd or 4th second of the film you will notice a trailer boat previous to the motorcade. This seems odd for several reasons. 1)The boat appears to have no transom 2)Why is it in this part of Dallas? If you look at residential areas and bodies of water at the time it makes no sence for the boat to be here. 3) Its late Nov., The boat should have been winterized. Again another reason for the boat to not be here 4)It appears to be a newer fiberglass boat for the time. Why does it seem to not have a transom? 5) A small trailer boat with no transom would be a unique place for a sniper. 6) Gunfire from a small fiberglass boat would have some decieving accostics. This could explain why differently located people heard shots from different directions.

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