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Gaeton Fonzi and the 1993 "Third Decade" Conference
by CDRAGO on Fri, Jun 13, 2008, 10:40 AM GMT (#1720)
Comment on Site Section: Book: The Last Investigation
I am most pleased that Rex has chosen to include Gaeton's keynote speech from the 1993 Conference of "The Third Decade." It was my honor to co-host, with journal editor Dr. Jerry Rose and my friend, mentor and comrade Dr. George Michael Evica, that memorable and important gathering. For the record, the conference was held in Providence, Rhode Island on June 18-20. Presenters included the co-hosts plus Dennis Ford and Mark Zaid, James Folliard, Anthony Marsh, Monte Evans, R.B. Cutler, Richard Bartholomew, Joanne Braun, Mike Sylwester, Martin Shackelford, Vince Palamary, John McLoughlin, Louis Sproesser, and Kenneth Rahn. Dr. Rose subsequently published a 199-page conference "Proceedings." If the MFF is interested in reprinting it, I can loan my copy for reproduction purposes. On a social note: Prior to delivering his address, Gaeton joined the co-hosts and their highly significant others for a spectacular Italian dinner at Pizzico, the Hope Street bistro that, fifteen years later, remains one of Providence's most rewarding restaurants. I can't walk through Pizzico's doors without fondly recalling that evening and the company I kept. Kudos, Rex. Thanks for the memories. To absent friends. Charlie Drago

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