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Amazing, after 43 years....
by jeffyd1000 on Tue, Dec 19, 2006, 9:27 AM GMT (#1527)
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No one wants to come to the grips of "Who" did it ? It's as simple as the nose on our faces, and yet, no one but the researchers want to see the reality that our own government did it. All the lines of investigation points to the Treasury and the Justice Departments as being the soul conspirators of assassinating the President of the United States. Even the intelligence agencies couldn't be totally blamed, because they had no reason; knowing the fact, a President only serves a Term in Office. We come to grips that forces operating our Country from outside the Constitution instead of through it, and yet we don't want to face the fact of "Who" could have been doing it; the evidence is there ? The facts are on the table ! And yet, no one wants to admit to the facts, that our government was guilty of the word: "Conspiracy" ? Just remember, "Those who believe in Lies and Orchestrated Lies will never see the Light of Heaven".

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